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Galloping India,Crippling Millions, & R C’s 15% Minority Reservation.

 Press Conference by Adilmohd's Blog and MEC India Body. 14th Feb 2010.

Press Conference by Adilmohd's Blog and MEC India Body. 14th Feb 2010.

 This Blog of yours, in its commitment to serve the people of the Nation, and help bring social and economic justice to its people, on Sunday 14 Feb called for a Press Conference with a dual purpose, to launch a body formulated by your blog, with the support from people in society who care and are concern about various issues of Minorities of India.

The MEC, Headed by  this friend of yours Adil M H,  together with the support of its Comitted,  Members,  Mr. Abdul Qadeer retd. DIG AP Police and Member of MEC, and Muktar Ahmed Fardeen a Banker and Member of MEC with Mr. Anees Ahmed Iqbal a Member of MEC. 

Feels. The idea of an organization which will set non political  body which can fearlessly and within the framework of the constitution, will work for uplift of the minorities and raise issues related to their social and economic issues with the govts, and authorities. Build consensus and educate people about various reliefs, schemes, and measure govts, are taking to do the same.

This is a very huge task it requires support of the media, NGO’s, political bodies, and responsible and well off individuals, in the Minorities community who are advantaged, we expect them to come forward and support us in our Endeavour.

The Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and the other Minorities are suffering and are backward even after 60 years of Independence to us. The govts time and again have shown certain concern and intentions to work for welfare and uplift for them.  One will like to know who is responsible, I feel we all the system, govts, political parties, people both minority and majority have made mistakes, each one of us is guity.

There where slogans, of “garibi hataao” but the fact is, “Garibi has remaind” with its worst colors in the Nation, for all classes of people be they majority community or minority community.

Our conditions in the rural and urban lands of vast Indian Nation are full of facts and figures which can put us to shame.  A Country with a billion populations, high of the stories of success in corporate and business world. A country which is dreaming and is in gallop mode of success and growth in many areas of modern living and development, be it IT develpment,  Financial Growth, GDP, or Sensex whooping high in the charts of NASDAC or NIFTI and BSE.

We are focused on Infrastructure development, and massive Malls and Urban places of Enjoyment, and Leisure, Worlds best brands and companies take pride in opening their shop in India today. Giants like Google, Microsoft, GE pushing the graphs of their growth high by participating in the Nation like India for its growth and wellness.

The stores so success are innumerable, and I will not be doing justice if  I fail to appreciate the percentage growth in Education and Jobs for all sections of the society in India due to opening of new opportunities in the horizon of the past decade or decade and half.

Yet there are families, and sections of the society living below poverty levels, and under pathetic conditions, with no support and opportunity touching them, no organized set up to reach to them and console them and put mechanism to pull them in the main stream and take them along.

No set programmed, and dead line to reduce and formulate a five year, ten year plan to achieve a literate India, self supporting India, India with equal opportunity to all its citizens, and India which supports irrespective of religion, caste, region.

In the light of these issues and mainly focusing of the recent striking of the 4 % reservation for the Muslim Minorities in AP which was a law since 2007, providing reservations in govt jobs, and educational institutions.

The Judiciary has scrapped the reservation provided to the Muslims on technical grounds, sitting the formation of the panel which recommended the reservation for Muslims was itself formed not keeping truly to the norms of the law. Thus not maintain able.

Minorities Empowerment Council MEC India has very strongly and with conviction has risen following point to the Media and Impressed upon the govt of AP and the Central Govt with respect to the Muslim Reservation in AP and In India on the whole.

1. The policy of reservation to the economically and socially backward sections of the society is not new. The SC’s and ST’s of Indian since 1950 are protected by the act which gives them proper reservations,  which has brought  great change in these sections of the Hindu community which gave them the opportunity to upswing both socially and economically as they were given reservations, to protect their rights and bring them to the main stream.

2. Muslims are most deserving category in India, the fact and figures and the picture of the backward both economically and socially is sketched by both Sachar Commission and most recently Ranganth Commission. Ranganth Commssion has recommended 15% reservation for the Minorities out of 15% it has recommended that 10% should be reserved for Muslims alone, and rest of the 5 % to the other minorities.  It has as far as asking the govt to use the OBC reservation quota and extract 8 % from it and use proportionate 6.27 % to the Muslims and the remaining 1-73 to the other minorities too. 

The Commssion observes the condion of the Muslims in India is such there are areas where muslims are with nil representaion. if you go thru the report of RC you will feel, living conditions of Musims is alarmingly low, they need to be taken care with no delay and supported.  

3. The MEC India demanded most importantly the govt of AP should in the quickest and most sincere manner appeal in the SC for a relief to the recent order against the reservations of 4 % to the Minorities. In AP.  If necessary the govt can invite both Members of Both Ranganth and Sachar Commission as Witnesses’ to speak on the backwardness of the Muslims in India and in specific Andhra Pradesh.

4. In the mean time, between the time of HC’s Striking of 4% Reservation and the time Relief comes from the Supreme Court. An interim relief mechanism should be made to come in place with consultations of legal experts basing on the recommendations of Ranganth Commission, and no loss should occur to the eligible in the Muslims.

5. The Council also wanted the UPA govt., without any further delay table the Ranganth Commission in Parliament and makes it a law. And implement it across India in all states. And Give 15% Reservations to the Minorities of India. 10% Reservations to Muslims & 5 % Reservations to other Minorities. As recommended by R C.

6.  The govt has to take a very serious view and understand the loss of opportunity caused to the millions of Muslims in the state of AP. A society is a healthy society which will be discrimination free, and is supportive to the issues of its backward and disadvantaged both socially and economically. India can only become strong when we address them.

The council members, thanked the media and expressed their support is most important to help bring equilibrium in the society and implementation of balanced growth of all sections of Indians. The council is encouraged and will raise legitimatly voice to protect rights of all minorities in India.

I stongly believe,  majority of the Majority Hindu Community in India wants the all the disadvantaged Indians which ever religion or caste and region they belong should be helped to bring them on par with the rest of the Indians who are preveliged and are well off.

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    February 17, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Dear Mr Adil,
    Indeed you are doing a good job. Pl continue your efforts, we are with you. God bless you.

  2. Kushik
    February 18, 2010 at 10:04 am

    A very thought provoking, factual study and effort by you adil is remarkable. Yes India is widening the gap between the Rich and the Poor. We all responsible and appreciate your welcoming and fresh approach towards building unity and brotehrhood among the Hindus and Muslims of India. I am a Hindu I love my country men to be well off and progress, all my country men are my brorhers and sisters. I like to see all happy. Well done.

  3. Farhazadeeb
    February 20, 2010 at 8:10 am

    Truely Excellent, above points are formulated on extensive thoughts by extremely talented and must-need organization, MEC.
    Indeed, they must re-think on Reservations quota, such decisions to put on hold reservations to the mulsims by court orders will make it more worse for upcoming youth like us, the govt should represent the case in sc and appeal with right facts and figures, and prove it is not religous it is social reservation. Faraz.

    • February 20, 2010 at 9:15 am

      Thanks mr Farhazadeeb, I appreciate your visit to my blog, we are indians we all have equal rights as citizens of this great nation. It is duty of the govts, and the people to lift all sections of the society to comfortable levels and give them oppertunity as equals. This effort of ours is just tip of the iceberg we have a huge task ahead we need support of thousands and lakhs like you to reach our goal.

  4. imtiaz khan
    February 20, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Salaam Adil Saab,
    Appreciate your efforts for the minorities. Whole nation is with you, we are a multi religious and multi cultural nations but our strenth is in our unity in diversity, I am sure every indian will support you.

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