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“Journalism is Business like any other Business” M J Akber.

February 19, 2010 1 comment

Adil M H with Renowned Journalist, and Media Personality Mr. M J Akber on 17th Feb MAUU Hyderabad. Photo courtesy Mr. Ansari.

Renowned Journalist, Political Analyst of Indian Media, Mr. M J Akber, was in Hyderabad to addresses students and staff of Moulana Azad Urdu University. 

In a brief interaction with  students of mass communitcation MJ was asked to comment and give his view on areas where Media can play a responsible role, in Nation building.

A student questioned  “don’t you think Sir, today’s media is under the control of business houses, they may will influence fair reporting, and may damage or the creative intellect as journalists ?

 MJ responded “don’t   think media houses are non profit making organizations they too are running these media houses like any other business”.

The Editors and the staff are under pressure to show profits to the stakeholders, and owners of the channels and publications. It is so since the beginning, And he added “Journalism is Business too”. Read more…

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