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“Journalism is Business like any other Business” M J Akber.

Adil M H with Renowned Journalist, and Media Personality Mr. M J Akber on 17th Feb MAUU Hyderabad. Photo courtesy Mr. Ansari.

Renowned Journalist, Political Analyst of Indian Media, Mr. M J Akber, was in Hyderabad to addresses students and staff of Moulana Azad Urdu University. 

In a brief interaction with  students of mass communitcation MJ was asked to comment and give his view on areas where Media can play a responsible role, in Nation building.

A student questioned  “don’t you think Sir, today’s media is under the control of business houses, they may will influence fair reporting, and may damage or the creative intellect as journalists ?

 MJ responded “don’t   think media houses are non profit making organizations they too are running these media houses like any other business”.

The Editors and the staff are under pressure to show profits to the stakeholders, and owners of the channels and publications. It is so since the beginning, And he added “Journalism is Business too”.

He recalled,  in what circumstances he had to quit or was asked to quit from his old assignments, with Media houses.  As he did not compromise on principles and especially on the issue of Nuclear Deal with US.  He said India should have good relations with  US, but too close to them is not always an advantage.

Principles and values should not be sacrificed for making money.  The pride in running a Media house will not be lost, provided the responsibility of protecting the integrity of reporting is shouldered by its owners, who should see it as a social and national responsibility. 

There is no harm in looking in the aspects of being profitable and making money too, while acting responsibly. This requires goodness and taking responsibility as a good citizen of a nation.

MJ was critical of some in media who have reduced the level of journalism too “Bazari”. I do not like to translate it in English because I feel the use of the word “Bazaari” by MJ is perfect to express what he likes to express.

Level of electronic media credibility has suffered over the years, in a survey on Delhi University Students the Young Indians, he asked the youth of India which one do they hold more credible the print or electronic media.  MJ said the survey revealed that 80% of the youth felt the print media is more responsible and credible in comparison with Electronic Media.  

Adding to it, he said it is not fair to expect the Media to be 100% Clean it is expecting too much from them.

They are part of our system, there are very responsible and credible in them too.

He Adviced  studenta who are concerned about losing  principles and all that they learn as mass communication graduate in universities. If they are  persuaded to report and act against principles for satisfying heads of media, to protect their jobs or  a temptation of increment.  

After a pause MJ said (this disturbed me and sounded like a painful fact to many present) that “most of the young people do not need persuasion to compromise.”

An advice of great value from MJ to the Students of MAUU Hyderabad, he said make it a point in the first ten years of carrier work to make a carrier and not work only for money, be selective in joining organization where you can learn the skills, and grow as a able journalist, do not get tempted by offers from outside. 

MJ was of the opinion the organizations who expect you to compromise on your principles normally pay you more as they know they are doing wrong. 

But credible organizations may not give you monitory satisfactions but they will give, most importantly, experience and add value to your personality. 

A question was asked whether India needs censorship like in the time of emergency by Mrs. Indira Gandhi to check certain reporting areas.  

MJ said the censorship was required in the times of Mrs. Gandhi, as the people were truth full and could not be influenced.  Today it is not required, you know why.

When asked to comment on Minorities inferiority syndrome. He e said the inferiority complex, in Majority or Minority is wrong. Why a Minority should be having Inferiority complex. He advised to take pride in being Indian and be assertive of what you do and express and be demanding as any Indian should, for his rights.  

MJ was very optimistic  about Minorities he said in the coming decade,  great growth for the minorities should come,  inshallah they will flourish and reach to greater heights.

Later I spoke to him in person, to brief, about my blog, and the MEC India chapter working for the rights of Minorities in India. 

He was kind to hear me with concern and promised to get back with more on our request to help us to raise our voice in bigger forums.  

My thanks to Mr. Itesham  of MAUU and Mr. Taher Faraz of Creative Academy for making this meeting possible.

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  1. Taher Faraz
    February 19, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Dear Adil Sir,

    Its amazing, you have highlighted each and every part of M.J. Akbar’s presentation.
    Thank You very much.

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