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Taliban Massacre of 3 Sikhs, act of Cowardness. Muslims of India, Condemn it, in strongest terms.

February 23, 2010 7 comments

Hienious Acts of Terror by Taliban is a shame, and a blow to human rights in Pakistan. Govt of Pakistan should act now. To protect Sikhs.

It threatens to cast a shadow on the upcoming Indo-Pakistan talks scheduled for February 25, three Sikh youths were beheaded by the Taliban in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) region after they allegedly refused to convert to Islam.

The Sikh youths — identified as Jaspal Singh, Sarabjit Singh and Baronat Singh — had gone to realize the money owed to them by some people in the FATA region adjoining Afghanistan, when they were abducted by the Taliban militia.

They were allegedly told by the Taliban to embrace Islam or face death. A sizeable number of Sikhs lived in the tribal belt, particularly Aurakzai Agency, till the Taliban imposed jazzy or religious tax on them in 2009.

Most members of the community, faced with increasing pressure from the Taliban to convert to Islam, have since fled to cities across Pakistan.

Muslims around the world condemn this heinous inhuman act, by misguided enemies of mankind. Read more…

Man in rush to be a Beast. Kills 10 days old Irfan.

February 23, 2010 4 comments

10 day old Infant Irfan killed by protestors in Baramullah, in Kashmir. Is man not in rush to be Beast ?

The Big Picture and the breaking news of our times, most unfortunately is ” Man in rush to be a Beast”.  Civilizations, passed, with laurels of being civilized people, cultured and disciplined lots, ages have passed and centuries gone in oblivion yet man is on the bylines of filth and ruthlessness.

Man is becoming worst than any animal, in fact he is in race with the animals and the vultures to be surpass them in all acts they can could do. the Vultures are extinct in animals, they have taken the forms of humans and are dancing in joy and out there to punish the world for its deeds or the world has become so mean and low that they do not need the Vultures to help them them are evil enough to be worse than the Vultures.

A scan across nations, and horizon of our modern and so called civilized world will prove we display hate, enmity, aggression, killings, abuse, lawlessness, manipulation, exploitation and lies, far from any good sense and value of being human being in our surrounds, channels, and media, we speak the language of fear and divide, we support causes of hate, and honor abusers of law. Read more…