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Taliban Massacre of 3 Sikhs, act of Cowardness. Muslims of India, Condemn it, in strongest terms.

Hienious Acts of Terror by Taliban is a shame, and a blow to human rights in Pakistan. Govt of Pakistan should act now. To protect Sikhs.

It threatens to cast a shadow on the upcoming Indo-Pakistan talks scheduled for February 25, three Sikh youths were beheaded by the Taliban in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) region after they allegedly refused to convert to Islam.

The Sikh youths — identified as Jaspal Singh, Sarabjit Singh and Baronat Singh — had gone to realize the money owed to them by some people in the FATA region adjoining Afghanistan, when they were abducted by the Taliban militia.

They were allegedly told by the Taliban to embrace Islam or face death. A sizeable number of Sikhs lived in the tribal belt, particularly Aurakzai Agency, till the Taliban imposed jazzy or religious tax on them in 2009.

Most members of the community, faced with increasing pressure from the Taliban to convert to Islam, have since fled to cities across Pakistan.

Muslims around the world condemn this heinous inhuman act, by misguided enemies of mankind.

The Sikh community is a minority in Pakistan and in India. They have lost so much on either side of the borders. With very unpleasant memories are hunting over them.

The Govt of India in strongest tone, and action should convey its protest to the govt of Pakistan which is tainted already with not being very cooperative on the issue Mumbai Terror attack by terror groups based in Pakistan.

I demand stringent measures should be forced by the authorities in Pakistan to protect the human rights and religious liberty and there places of worship for Sikhs and all other Minorities

Hindus, and Buddhists, in particular in regions where Taliban movement is proven.

The purpose of talks is to reach to understanding on issues pending and bring about peace and normalcy and nullifying the terror acts by radical elements in Pakistan and its neighboring areas.

But the very purpose is getting negated by such acts, which needle point, towards soft shoulder by govt of Pakistan.

A needle points in Pune Blast in such terror attack too, though latest, there is indication of a Hindu terror group being involved, in Pune

German Bakery Blast, which is yet to be probed. Which left more than 15 innocent dead.

The Human rights organizations both in India and Pakistan should voice their protest in strongest possible manner, and demand safety and security for Sikhs in Pakistan. And bring to justice the inhuman criminals who think they are right.

The World knows, they are enemies of Islam. Killing of a single soul is like killing the whole mankind as per Islamic teachings. These people are killers, in the eyes of Islam. They should be brought to justice. Islam doesn;t believe in coversions by force.

As a matter of fact Jazia is tax which grantees safefty, security and protections of life and property of non muslim in a Islamic state. These evil elements are out to damage the ethos of Islam and bring bad name for it. The world is witness to what they are.



  1. Maaz
    February 24, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Dear Adil, The news which we are conditioned to read & come across are most of the time doctored and fabricated. Maligning Islam and projecting it as a Terror Religion has always been the top Agenda of Jewish Conspiracy against Islam. As far as the mentioned beheading is concerned, the perpetrator what i strongly beleive is a hired bastard who is being used to tarnish ISLAM, the Religion of Peace.
    As aptly put by you Jazia is the only instrument which creates an atmosphere of peaceful secularism & grants a freedeom of following faith without any force and coercion.

  2. Abdulaziz Norat
    February 24, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    I forcefully condemn this heinous inhuman act which is against the principle of Islam.

  3. suk
    February 25, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    The actual reason for the Jizia Collection is its a security Tax of that Individual Non-Muslim whose responsibility of Life and security becomes Compulsory once the jizia is paid. Its the first and foremost Duty of the Muslim Government or Rulers to protect the life of a Non-Muslim . But the Henious Act and Crime commited is a shame . All Muslims bow their heads in Shame for this henious act commited in the name of ISLAM . We also conDdmn the forceful conversion to Islam by these Fanatics and FUNDAMENTALISTS or TERRORISTS . Inspite of collecting the JIZIA the SIKH Brethern are BE-HEADED -shame shame .

  4. suk
    February 25, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    MAAZ BHAI – WITHOUT SUFFICENT EVIDENCE WE JUST CANNOT JUSTIFY THE KILLINGS – IF YOU REMEMBER THE ANCIENT STATUES OF bUDDHA WEERE DESTROYED BY THE TALIBAN FORCES. NO ONE CAN ERASE THE HISTORIC AND CULTURAL REMAINS . IT WAS THE HERITAGE AND EVIDENCE OF THE PAST (THE HISTORY). The Other Day I have read in the newspaper in the DEccan Chronicle that in Pakistan most of the SINDHI hindu Bretheren are afraid to reveal their Identity and many of them have changed their names, to that as to that of MUSLIMS. I am sorry .

    February 26, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    Dear Adil,
    Your article on killing of innocent sikh youths by the so called Taliban in FATA Region is thought provoking. There is no place for terror acts in Islam, a true follower of Ilsam will never indulge in such activities. In fat such people are belitelling their faith and causing irrepairable harm/damage to the religion they belong to. One and all should condemn killings of innocent people any where in the world.

  6. March 1, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Guys, I tend to agree with Maaz that news is fabricated, doctored and censored. We do not get to read honest news and there are certain things that are demonized in a grand way to change the opinions and thinking of the masses. Honestly, Muslims of India should not be in a guilt-feeling and neither should they try to appease others, they should always be with the Truth and only Truth shall prevail. Majority of us just plain ignorant about the big games being played in the muslim territories by America, Israel and other forces. For example, recently the leader of Jundullah was arrested and it was found that Jundullah is a body created by NATO, recently suicide bombers arrested were found to be israelis in Iraq, attackers of American embassy were found to be funded by Mossad, 9/11 is very widely believed to have been orchestrated by Mossad… read more here http://groups.google.com/group/total_truth_sciences?pli=1

  7. aj khursheed
    May 27, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Mr.Maaz.No matter who did it ,it is a very heinous and a very shameful act,it happened in Pakistani territory govt. of Pakistan is responsible for this, where is their intelligence dept. Pakistani govt. should beef up their intelligence and catch the culprit get information and act from there.Burden of proof lies on them. Excuses is no answer to solve this issue. These inhuman act has to be condemned strongly and even the citizen’s got to get involved to stop this nonsense for ever .

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