Man in rush to be a Beast. Kills 10 days old Irfan.

10 day old Infant Irfan killed by protestors in Baramullah, in Kashmir. Is man not in rush to be Beast ?

The Big Picture and the breaking news of our times, most unfortunately is ” Man in rush to be a Beast”.  Civilizations, passed, with laurels of being civilized people, cultured and disciplined lots, ages have passed and centuries gone in oblivion yet man is on the bylines of filth and ruthlessness.

Man is becoming worst than any animal, in fact he is in race with the animals and the vultures to be surpass them in all acts they can could do. the Vultures are extinct in animals, they have taken the forms of humans and are dancing in joy and out there to punish the world for its deeds or the world has become so mean and low that they do not need the Vultures to help them them are evil enough to be worse than the Vultures.

A scan across nations, and horizon of our modern and so called civilized world will prove we display hate, enmity, aggression, killings, abuse, lawlessness, manipulation, exploitation and lies, far from any good sense and value of being human being in our surrounds, channels, and media, we speak the language of fear and divide, we support causes of hate, and honor abusers of law.

 We human beings are in search of a world which is for the ruthless and powerful, who will crush the voices of fairness, and legitimate rights, love rightful titles, no resolutions; no means of law and consensus have worked ever.

Where are we heading to?  Are we heading towards extended world of Barbarism, and Valturing cultures, nations, and societies? By our politics of hate, killings of very innocent many, no rule is competent to save the lives of innocent today.

Our ears are getting deaf, eyes getting locked, and minds numbed on display of human massacre and abuse, this weak a plane crashes in US in protest against rising taxes killing innocent people in the FBI building in America, Our Sikh Brothers beheaded in most heinous act by the Taliban elements in Peshawar,  a Army Officer in Kashmir Valley kills an innocent boy at point blank range, and loves to cover it up by booking the boy who died with charge of attempt to murder the army official by throwing Stones.

The Maoists in self made rule book of bringing justice killing dozens of innocent souls in Orissa, in neighboring West Bengal and ten people were killed in a blast triggered by terrorists Saturday in Maharashtra’s Pune city terrorized by German Bakery blast, rapes of minors, and vandalizing of property and terrorizing people in the name of nationalism and language and regions, Maharashtra, Telangana, or Andhra boys die immolating and politicians not in mood to keep the innocent children out of the game of politics which we know how saintly it is…

In Haiti we don’t spare the suffering that lost parents in earth in a human tragedy by snatching them to possess them illegally for material gains, and the authorities and rebels in Africa  massacre mass half dead people to the valley of death in cold blood.  O…hh man it puts me shame as man.

Killings of innocent people in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, and as I write action in on to kill innocent people in Swat valley by Taliban, in the name of religion, and armies of the world in justification for ending terror bases of al Qaida in mountains filled with just and despair are heedlessly in combat in turn killing thousands of innocent Afghans children, women and aged.

We the people of the world have lost the sense of difference between a budding flower and a harmful thorn.  We proudly crush flowers under our shoes, while we embrace thorns expecting them to give comfort of musk. How intelligent.

We the people of the world have lost the sense of differentiation between a budding flower and a harmful thorn.  We proudly crush flowers under our shoes while we embrace thorns expecting them to give smell of musk. How intelligent we are.   Our history will be written in dates 26/11, 9/11, 22/2, 21/2, we may become good in numbers but we will seize to be human.

Today I wokeup to a shock to read about, a Ten-day-old Irfan who was ill and being taken to hospital, when a mob of stone throwers attacked the vehicle he was in. The mob beat up Iran’s parents, his three-year-old brother was hit on the head and the infant was killed.

All this to enforce a strike called to protest the government crackdown against stone throwers in Kashmir.

Irfan’s parents are inconsolable as they grieve for their newborn child. Only a few hours ago they were taking him to a Bara mullah hospital in the hope that he would be well soon. But he never reached the hospital.

Irfan’s father inconsolable said, “Some people came in Tata Sumos and were throwing stones. They got into our vehicle; they hit the 10-day-old baby who was in his mother’s lap. They were protesting and hit my other son in the head. He is only three years old. My 10-day-old was hit and pushed to the window. Blood poured out of his nose. We took him to hospital where he was declared brought dead,” Iran’s father recounted. 

Can anyone tell me, what was the mistake of this family, three year old brother of 10 day old infant, and their mother and father? Are these people not animals, and the person who pushed 10 day old infant to the window is an animal. 

Oh people  of world wake up, come off the your false justifications, and political gimmicks and diplomacy or else  the heavens will complete its warth on you, by makeing  you dreaded inmates of  a Beast World .  

Our seas should be replaced with tears of sorrow for what our own people do to our loved ones.

  1. Maaz
    February 23, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    “There is no religion without love, and people may talk as much as they like about their religion, but if it does not teach them to be good and kind to man , it is all a sham.”

  2. akram
    March 10, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Adil Bhai
    i pay a glance on your site and work, it shows a social worker should be like you
    and glad that a muslim should be like.

  3. bhargavi
    March 30, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    this is a very touching story sir… could have been any of us…….

    • March 30, 2010 at 9:16 pm

      Sister Bhargavi. Well said. Think thousands of years of civilised history of mankind is not changing some in us to know the value of one innocent soul. The man is getting too selfish, and focused on pushing his own selfish agendas. God free the world of its unjust people.

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