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Big B gets Cozy with Modi. Why ? The Big Picture.

Is Amitabh taking lessons from " Girgut" changing colours.

Bachchan is a man to watch, there is much more than what our eyes see. This is a deep and well thought move of the Bachans, please try to understand this happened after new year’s blast jointly celebrated by the Bachans and the Amar Singhs in Dubai.

 Mr. Amar Singh was on his way out from the Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party reason known to the world. Anil was in goa and he too joined them in Dubai with family. I do not know where Mr. Amar Singh stands.

 But I have a feeling and reason to understand,  is based on few facts, and moves by them.

 1. Jay Bachhan doesn’t resign MP’s Post.

 2. Amitabh Bachan and the family would need political association to keep them in some form or the other in close quarters of political power houses.  

 3. Amitabh keeps neutral SRK issue, which was very important, to defend the very right of expression as Indian.

 4. Amar Singhjis comment when asked by a media on national channel, do you approve visit of Amitabh Modi’s Gujarat and lending services and name to be a Brand Ambassodor for Promotion of Tourism in Gujarat.  Amarji replied what is wrong in meeting Modi’s, if Mukesh Amabani can do business in Gujarat and support the govt on industrial front why can’t Amitji promote tourism in Gujarat.

 5. The bigger picture hears is a line which is permanently drawn between the Gandhi’s Mukesh Ambanis, and Bachans, Amars, and Anil Ambani’s.  

 I only hope that the worst that I think, and do not like to believe, will not happen.

 I fear Modi and BJP using this compulsion to keep close to political power houses of the nation will be successful in pulling the trio in to the fold of BJP.

 Or at least make them as alleys, in past we have seen BJP and Amar when SP on one side in political alignments or marriages of compromises. 

 That would be very bad for the trio families Amar, Barchans, and Anils.

Amitab’s visit to Gujarat and his praise for the state Chief Minister Modi are both surprising and dismaying, especially, for the clan of people who he hails from. The Big B is risking and this could well be a fall from Big B to Tiny B.   

 Anil I do not like to comment much as the man is decent and kept himself out of this controversy and remained silent, if his silence has opera than only god will him them.

 Amar Singhji I have interacted with him and found him from his expressions a committed secular minded person who likes to care for the Minorities, Muslims, and the backward.  There is a very wild but could be a possibility, Amitabh’s may say a thick friend who stood for them in thick and thin good bye, under the compulsions to state with power lobby.

 It is a possibility as Amar is more open and committed to the ideology of Secular values, and fairness than the Bachan’s, as them cannot be on the side of the Gandhi’s Jaya has walked too far in the aggressive comments on Sonia Ji in the fewer of SP and Amar power in past.

One  question for Amarji from me.  Amarji,  has put a very grave allegation on Mulayam Singhji, saying he is more dangerous than Bal Thackeray.

 I wonder If Amarji was convinced that Mulayam and SP are snakes in sleeves of its followers, and voters.

What was the compulsion on Amarji to share power, stage, ideology, and support him for fifteen long years ?

Why did he not expose him much before, which would have helped the people of the State, and Nation?

  1. wahid
    March 13, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Well said,

    Amar would have oppose the things being withing the party it self.


  2. farhaz
    March 30, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    I must agree Sir, You have indigenous vision to think and analyze, very distinct and absolutely flawless. Hats off to you for this wonderful article especially 4th point from above Article 😉

    • March 30, 2010 at 9:20 pm

      Thanks for appreciating, my pleasure is in when I see our Nation and its leaders come frank to the facts and acceptance that no politics is politics on the merit of allingment of forces of divide and disrespect to any section or an individual of any nature and color.

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