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Jhansi Born, AMU Student, Democratic Candidate of Texas Dist US.

Texains demand able leadership and Excelence. This time it will be an Indian Dr Ali Masarrat from India Jhansi

An Indian from Jhansi now in America Texas is one who is trusted to lead Texas and bring about needed improvement for Texas, and face the challenges it faces in areas, employment, and education, social and economic growth.

Dr. Ali.  After over 30 years of scientific research and development while starting a successful business, Dr. Ali has now committed his energy and resources for improving community services.  You, will be pleasantly surprised to know this Indian was born in Jhansi in India  and  he  is Dr. Masarat Ali. I am impressed by this man who with his comitted, deciplined work in USA reached to positions which India will be proud of.

In Dr. Ali’s own words: “When I first moved to San Antonio in 1993, I was working hard but struggling to provide for my family. This community of San Antonio adopted and accepted me and offered an environment where I could prosper beyond my wildest imagination. God has blessed me and my family and with these blessings comes a sense of gratitude. My aspiration for a greater involvement in public service stems from my fundamental desire to give back to this community that has given me so much.”

 Masarrat Ali was born in the historic town of Jhansi, in India. Due to high emphasis on education in the family, Masarrat became the first in the family to graduate with rankings among the top students.  His parents saw early signs of a great future and decided to send him to the Oxford of India, the Aligarh University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of India.

Dr Ali is a strong believer in living within means. He has preached and practiced this philosophy at home or work. It is unheard of having two multimillion Biotech companies who never applied or received financial assistance or loans from private, state or federal governments.

Dr. Ali is blessed with a beautiful, sincere, educated, and caring wife, Parveen Akhtar. They have been married for 22 years and lived in San Antonio for the last 15 years.  God has also blessed them with three healthy, caring, and hard-working children.

Dr. Ali has always been very active in the Asian American community by providing guidance and resources to the community.  He noticed that many Asian Americans, particularly people from India have been quite successful as professionals, but they lag in civic duties. A greater percentage of Asian Americans do not register to vote or participate in the political process.

Dr Ali strongly believed Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1817-1898), the founder of AMU, was the first Indian to recognize that Indians will have to adapt Western education and culture if they were to find a respectful place in the new post-colonial world.

We have a lesson to take in the story of Dr. Ali our own son of soil, India.  We have much to learn from him.  In India, is  our political system good enough to give  opportunity to sincere and capable individuals among us in our Indian society. There  are thousands  out there willing to serve us and bring the change we require most in our political system and the type of indicipline and corruption prevalent in India. 

 There are  efficient and sincere many  who can raise himself  like Dr.Ali, in US, hopefully if  they get the right support and looked just as Indians, on merits.   Think about this.

We all know US is land of opportunity.  Able and dedicated individuals will be given a chance to prove themselves. Irrespective of which color, region, religion and origin they belong.

The best man is always heard, with no bias, he is supported by most  with comforting encouragement to  lead Americans, in America.

American People are positive, and willing to accept good talented, worthy people to lead them. 

This is proved in the victory of President Obama, who is a African, American, with mixed Parents, a Muslim Father and Christian Mother. Yet the love for him has increased in appreciation for his vision and ability. He may very much prove to be one of the best Presidents America ever saw God willing.  I am able to say this, on the merit of my constant obersvation of his actions, and expression over last year and half.

Dr. Ali is my Friend on Face book, when requested, to allow me to pen few sentences on my blog replied with material.  Thanks Dr. Ali.

I wish and pray for his Victory in the ongoing elections in Texas.  His victory will be victory of Indians in American,    he is like Tendulkar in America for Indians. Coming from a humble backgrond, form a traditional city of Jhasi in UP.

Keep it up Dr. Ali Indians in US and In India appreciate your efforts, to provide most required, and  recognition due,  to  Indian Americans in America.  

Dr Ali will  be a great  encouragement to us  Indians in America and back home in India.   He  is motivation to us and our young, aspiring youth to emulate and reach great heights in life.  And represent in India  &   World, with  greater commitment and passion.

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    February 26, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    Indeed US is land of opportunity where talented, able and dedicated individuals will be having ample oppurtunities to prove themselves, colour, religion cast and creed are immaterial.The best is always heared and supported by msot of the Americans.I wish goodluck to Dr.Ali an Indian “aligharian”.
    Khader.DSP Retd.

  2. February 28, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Mr Adil has been connected on facebook with me and following my campaign. Thank you posting this column and spreading the word.
    Indians are not involved in US politics despite being the cream of the society and in huge numbers. One of my objectives to run for the historic election is to ‘inspire’ Indians to stand up for their rights and be the decision maker. You can not vote but you can spread the message and bring more or your friends to my facebook. You can play a role as well by becoming a fan/supporter of Dr. ALI. the link is given below.
    The facebook and the campaign website will give the iformation about the election
    Masarrat Ali

    • February 28, 2010 at 11:03 pm

      Thnaks Dr. Ali, for visiting our blog. I am eager to celebrate your victory in Texas Elections as Democratic Candidate. Inshallah.

      Let us know, Congratulations in Advance. Wishing your great journey in US, which is more of service than policits. unlike back in India.

      In India it si Poltics and Politics and Politics, and Service to self only by our most politicians in India.

      There are exception in India too, few young and senior credible faces we are emerging in India too. Like Kapil Sibal our Human Resource Minister, and Dr. Manmohan Sing our PM.

      My regards and Salams, to your family. Best wishes to all your supporter and staff.

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