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Tharoor says Saudi can be ‘interlocutor’ between India,Pak.

Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State of External Affairs, remark on a role of "Saudi inerlocator" between India and Pak, sparked sharp reaction from the Main Opposition Party BJP.

Riyadh, Feb 28 (PTI) Stoking another controversy, Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor today said Saudi Arabia can be a “valuable interlocutor” between India and Pakistan but quickly clarified he did not mean Riyadh should be a mediator. In comments that raised eyebrows in Indian political circles, Tharoor said, “We feel that Saudi Arabia of course has a long and close relationship with Pakistan but that makes Saudi Arabia even a more valuable interlocutor for us.” 

A loose lipped Shashi Tharoor on Sunday once again landed the Manmohan Singh government in a first rate controversy when he said Saudi Arabia can be “valuable interlocutor” in improving India’s ties with Pakistan.

The statement of Mr Tharoor, who is part of the prime minister’s delegation currently in Saudi Arabia, runs counter to the India’s established position against any third party mediation in Indo-Pak relations.

Within hours, the minister clarified that his comment was “misread” by a section of the media as his views were seen as going against New Delhi’s position of India-Pakistan issues being discussed bilaterally, without any third party intervention or mediation.

But opposition BJP is keen to make this an issue and embrasse the govt in parliament, and demand further clarification form the Govt, and the Minister.

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