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India endorsed Arab Plan on Palestine, Sign of becoming World Leader.

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Dr Manmohan Singh sends clear Message to Israel. Stop Settlements and Allow the Middle East Peace to Progress.

RIYADH: In what seems to be a clear indication of the strategic partnership in the making with Saudi Arabia, India in the Riyadh Declaration has endorsed the Saudi position on the question of Palestine by backing the Arab plan and asking that all key issues be addressed comprehensively “within a definite time frame”.

 And that these comprehensive discussions should lead to the establishment of a “sovereign, independent, united, and viable Palestinian state, in accordance with the two-state solution”.


This is the first time, diplomatic observers say, that India has used the term “united” as a prefix to Palestine.

India further joined the Saudi king in emphasising that “the continued building of settlements by Israel constitutes a fundamental stumbling block for the peace process”. Read more…