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India endorsed Arab Plan on Palestine, Sign of becoming World Leader.

Dr Manmohan Singh sends clear Message to Israel. Stop Settlements and Allow the Middle East Peace to Progress.

RIYADH: In what seems to be a clear indication of the strategic partnership in the making with Saudi Arabia, India in the Riyadh Declaration has endorsed the Saudi position on the question of Palestine by backing the Arab plan and asking that all key issues be addressed comprehensively “within a definite time frame”.

 And that these comprehensive discussions should lead to the establishment of a “sovereign, independent, united, and viable Palestinian state, in accordance with the two-state solution”.


This is the first time, diplomatic observers say, that India has used the term “united” as a prefix to Palestine.

India further joined the Saudi king in emphasising that “the continued building of settlements by Israel constitutes a fundamental stumbling block for the peace process”.

In other words New Delhi has categorically asked that Israel stop building settlements, a new tone.

The mention of a time frame, which sources say is a new wrinkle in India’s usual formulation on this issue, is sure to raise hackles in Tel Aviv which is likely to seek clarification on another departure from standard practice.

This pertains to that portion of the Riyadh Declaration in which India joins the host country in endorsing “regional and international efforts focusing on making the Middle East and the Gulf region free of all nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction”.


In effect New Delhi has called to make the region free of Israeli nuclear weapons.

Previously India has endorsed efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction in a region as long as there was consensus in the region for such efforts.

It is unheard of that New Delhi should endorse in a political document a nuclear weapons- free West Asia while continuing to swear by deterrence in its own case.

Neither India nor Israel is a signatory to the discriminatory NPT and Israelis are going to wonder what is going on in New Delhi.

The statement is all the more significant considering that Saudi Arabia has routinely endorsed at various fora the Pakistani stance for a nuclear-free South Asia which targets Indian nuclear weapons.

This is sure to upset Pakistan no end and undoubtedly there will be many demarches issued to Riyadh on this count as well.

Pakistan is further likely to be miffed to discover that Saudi Arabia ringingly endorsed the Indian role in Afghanistan by expressing its “full support” in the joint statement for efforts aimed at helping Afghanistan achieve social and economic development.

Saudi Arabia also seems to have given up its support for the Taliban by agreeing to a formulation that condemns terrorist organisations.

In the next days there are sure to be Israeli demarches to New Delhi, Pakistani demarches to Riyadh and Iranian demarches to both Riyadh and Delhi.

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