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Dr.Ali Wins Historic Democratic Party Nomination, in Texas USA.

Mrs & Dr. Massart Ali on Victory Night, in Texas. Texains demanded able leadership and Excelence. and they got it. And it is Dr Ali Masarrat Ali Indian American from Jhansi & Aligarh Muslim University.

Dr. Ali  Said “It is my privilege and honor to earn the support and trust of fellow Texans and friends all over the world. Trust is something that must be earned, respected, and feared. I pledge not to violate this trust and work hard to make Texas a better state and America a greater nation. God helps those who help themselves. Texas demands excellence and sensible leadership. Let us work hard to win in Nov. 2010. Thanks a million…”

Were the words of Dr. Ali  in his victory speech. on 2nd March 2010 in Texas.

Congratulations, DR Ali, It is a moment of history, and a victory, for you, your family & friends, Amreica, India,  Jhansi,  &  Aligarh Muslim University.

Wish you many more Victories, & Million Moments of service to the people of Texas and the people of America and fellow humanbeings. Inshallah.

Dr. Ali is a man with a “Khooshboo of His Mother Land India” and the Vision of Founder of Aligarh Muslim University Janab  Sir Syed.  And discipline and dedication  “America.” and its people.

Decades away from India, but his heart still beats  for the people of India.

Among Indian  Americans, Dr. Ali is an example,  Indians are the large community in USA we all know, still the Indian Americans do not truly identify themselves with the community services and active participation is social and political mission in America, which in turn,  in long run,  may damage the interest of  Indian Americas, in USA.

It is high time they accept this and open up and devotee and dedicates efforts and time to build this area which they are not very proud of.  Hope they will take  example of Dr. Masarat to motivate themselves.

In my brief,  interaction with Dr Ali on Face book, I found in him concern towards Mankind, and his emphasis for Jobs for all, Education, Social Work, and Development  are paramount, and made  him favorite Democratic Candidate and eventually won him in Elections from Texas.

Dr. Ali, my prayer for you is.  “May you reach to the heights of glory and service to mankind and to our people where ever they are. Nothing is impossible in today’s world. Who knows one day you will play a bigger role in the American nation building and working for the  People of the World and India in particular”.

His Victory is significant also because the commitment of President Obama towards  Muslim Minorities in US, to include them in the Nation Building and give them opportunity as equal on equal terms in his administration is not be forgotten.

Able leaders like Dr. Ali will be rewarded and given the right recognition.

Back home Minorities leaders in India are fragmented in to political parties, regions, and selfish motives. India you know has failed to raise strong leaders from Muslims. The govt at the center is proposing good moves to allow and induct Muslims in to main stream and educate them.

Like the efforts being made by the environmental ministry and its minister Kapil Sibal. And the initiative for Ranganth Mishra Commission to assess the backwardness of Muslims in India was of Dr Manmohan Singh our PM.

The trouble is we do not have right voices in our community to support them and unity the Muslims to understand the right and wrongs of the govt. and take advantage of the position Muslims are in today.

May you reach to the heights of glory and serve  mankind ?   Impossible in today is not the word we like to read the word we love to believe is POSSIBLE.

Who knows one day you will play a much bigger role in “Building of America” and working for Helping Texans, Indians and the World.   With love and best Wishes, to your Family and the proud Texans.  A Big  Victory Sign From a friend.

  1. March 7, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    Adil Sahab, suggest you provide something unique to the readers of your blog. Would love to hear stuff that is being done, that is happening that impacts the lives of Muslims of India in general. For example, there are so many vices in our community like dowry, and the byproducts of the problem such as delayed marriages, premarital sex in the community due to late marriages. it is a shame to see ppl of our community cuddling in public places, such hypocrites that they deny the physical needs of the body when suggested for marriage and pretend to be focused on career and education. sorry for the long comment here, do not want to write a new blogpost within ur blog but talented and resourceful ppl should do something more worthy of than rephrasing news that is otherwise available on the internet. We already track the news rephrased on your blog on various other websites, we are looking for something different, progressive, practical… look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

    • March 8, 2010 at 12:21 pm

      Thanks for your comment, and advice, to tackle the main burning issues faced by the Muslim Community; the issues you pointed out are of grave concern to us as Muslims and Indians.

      I am also concern about the vices in our community like dowry, delayed marriages,
      Premarital, cross gender, illegitimate acts, due to late marriages.
      It is truly shame to see some of them cuddling in public places,
      But deny marriage and giving reason of career and education.

      I am thankful to you for giving me a subject to write on. I will do my best to bring issues that will touch such issues of great concern too. Your support is highly appreciated.

      We both know the issues raised by you in our community are originating from three main reasons. 1. Lack of Religious knowledge and being good as Muslim.
      2. The known economic and social backwardness in the community.
      3. The Family structure and the involvement of the parents in guiding their children in the right direction.
      4. And the wild exposure to the electronic and so called altar modern and headless circles with no National or Religious ethos.

  2. Abdulaziz Norat
    March 8, 2010 at 11:21 am

    ” Congratulations, DR Ali, It is a moment of history, and a victory, for you, your family & friends, Amreica, India, Jhansi, & Aligarh Muslim University.”

    Thank you very much for this informative news/blog, God Bless you.

  3. suk
    March 8, 2010 at 6:00 pm


  4. Maaz
    March 12, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    I do agree with Abdul Khader, the jet age generation is heading so speedingly that values left behind are untracaeable. Its higtime that we stand up & listen to our conscience sublte echo of “YES”/NO.

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