Why Muslims are underscanner ? Is being moderate a Sin ?

The Question is why only a Muslim, has to prove time and again that he is a Muslim, and what type of Muslim, whether a Moderate Muslim, or a Staunch Muslim.

In Sept 2009. Muslims Gather on Capitol Hill for Prayer Nearly 3,000 people gathered Friday on the lawn of the Capitol for a day of Muslim unity that organizers said was about prayer, not protest. (Anna Uhls/The Washington Post) http://www.washingtonpost.com PLEASE SEE THE VIDEO link on search for capital hills Muslims gathering. or Double click on the Picture above. A MUST.

There is nothing like moderate, liberal or a staunch Muslim. A Musim is a Muslim. Just a Muslim. Then, Who is a Muslim ?   Just a Muslim. ?

We have debates in TV channels which try to pose these questions to  few among us. There are some who call themselves liberal or lighter Muslims,  some in them are  brave enough to accept that a Muslim has to pray five times Namaz, and   praying Namaz  is very important.  They also regrets that they are not able to pray for five times.  But this liberals are  proud to be a Muslim, and says they remember Allah eve ry minute of  their life.

All this is fine.  We know  there are, Muslims who do not pray five times Namaz. And we also known Namaz is a very important Pillar of Islam, an act which is one of the five pillars of Islam.

But  there is  greater commitment a Muslim makes when he calls himself a Muslim.  Than Just saying five times prayer.

To understand it better let us  try to know about the five pillars of Islam. And discuss.

Video link of  Muslim Gathering at Capitol Hills. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/video/2009/09/25/VI2009092503141.html?sid=ST2009092502033

The Five Pillars of Islam.

1. Proclaiming that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed sas is the Messnager of Allah.

2. Praying five time Namaz on the assigned times during the day. The timing is very important too.

3. Fasting the obligatory fasting in the month of Ramadan for full month of Ramdan.

4. Zakat the obligatory Charity of 2.5 %  on the wealth in the  form of Cash, Silver, Gold, or Tradable possessions annually.    This is to be paid to the deserving poor in the family and society. This is a  “poor due” in rich mans wealth which he has to pay every year.

5. Performing Hajj.  In remembrance of Ibrahim PBAU,  The Prophet of God, Great, grandfather of Muslims, Christians, and Jews, his son  Prophet Ismail and  wife  Bibi Hajira.   Prophet Mohammed sas performed Hajj too to relive the actions of  Ibrahim PBAU and his family.

And Hajj is obligatory on who can afford to go to Makah. For those who have enough savings or self acquired money.  To those among Muslims who donot have means it  is not  obligatory.

Now what happens if one desists from doing one of these or all of these five pillars of Islam?

This has nothing to do with being moderate or staunch or good, or Liberal Muslim.  These caricatures or labels do not matter to a following Muslim.

A person who does the obligatory acts and is sincere about them is a Muslim.

Muslim who does not believe in oneness of God seizes to be a Muslim.

A Muslim who is not doing Namaz, Can such Muslim be called a liberal or moderate Muslim?

Muslim who does not care about the obligatory charity of Zakat for the poor in the society is he a Moderate or liberal Muslim?

A Muslim who deliberately does not do Fasting in the month Ramadan, can he be called a moderate Muslim or a Liberal Muslim?

A Muslim having recourses and means go to Makah, deliberately refuses to go and do Hajj.  Can he be called a liberal or moderate Muslim?

The Teachings of Quran and its Verses say, A Muslim is one, who abides by the commands of Quran, and the five pillars of the Islam are commands of Quran, and  a Muslim, is obedient to the will Allah and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed sas.

Islam has made it very clear and defined with no ambiguity that it is must for Muslim to whole heartedly practice all the five Pillars mentioned above, willingly, to please Allah.

Wider guidelines and laws of Islam follow too to broaden the understanding of Islam. Through Fiqa, and Shaira Laws.

1. Now what happens to those Muslims who do not practice the dictates of Islam, and proudly justify not honoring them. This is a grave matter which cannot be explained in short, there I am afraid are very strict dictates for such people.

2. But those who are missing on these are repenting and not justifying missing them is a sinner, and he still remains in the fold of Islam.

a) The Basic is being among those, who bear witness that Allah is One and Prophet Mohammed is his Messenger sas.

b) Then remember his creator and the sustainer of the universe Allah by regularly practicing Namaz five times a day as taught by Prophet sas.

c)  To be among those who understand the importance of self denial and control of   thoughts, actions, deeds, understand the pains, agonies of poor, and those who are less fortunate thru, Fasting full month of Ramadan.

d) Sharing the wealth which creator has given with, them who are less fortunate needy among us.  Allah has made it obligatory on Muslim to share his wealth to the poor, by finding them, reaching and identifying and giving measured Zakat to them respectfully, with dignified manners, with no hurt or embracement to them. With sole intention and thanking Allah he has blessed us to be among the givers, make himself eligible for Allah’s merci, grace.

Lastly those who like to adopt few teachings of Quran and conveniently avoid the rest, though not ignorant, when the truth is with them in the form of Quran verses and the teachings of Mohammed sas.  I wish quote few of the verses of Quran from Chapter 49  Al Hujarat  Verses 15, 16 , 17  and 18. Do read them.

And allow Muslim who calls himself Moderate or nicer Muslim, or Modern Muslim, See for himself where he stands, on gauge of Allah.

Practicing Muslim also can ponder on these verses to refresh his Iman (Belief).  Only Allah knows who is closer to him and who is not.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Verse 15. Only those are the believers who have believed in Allah and His Messenger, and afterward doubt not but strive with their wealth and their lives for the Cause of Allah. Those! They are the truthful.

Verse 16. Say: “Will you inform Allah about your religion? While Allah knows all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, and Allah is All-Aware of everything.

Verse 17. They regard as favor upon you (O Muhammad SAW) that they have embraced Islam. Say: “Count not your Islam as a favour upon me. Nay, but Allah has conferred a favour upon you, that He has guided you to the Faith, if you indeed are true.

Verse 18. Verily, Allah knows the unseen of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is the All-Seer of what you do.

May Allah (God) guide the Man kind to the right path.

Instead of debate on who is Moderate or Liberal and True Muslim.   We all agree that there is one creator who is all powerful and all knowing and the mater of the Day of Judgment. How good it will instead for we exploring means to define, our path, let us all reach to his message and understand from him, which is available for us in the form of Quran and Practices of Prophet Mohammed sas.

Let us not get influenced or misguided by those who design, to defame and alter basics of Islam. The world is putting Islam to a great test in present times, Allah will do things as he plans and this phase will pass with renewed Iman for the Muslims of the world.  Inshallah

All those who abuse, humanity in any name and color, and kill innocent are enemies of Islam and Mankind.

A killer of innocent person can have names and attires of resembling Muslims but he can not be a Muslim.  They and are criminals as per the teachings of Quran and Hades.  They all should be brought to justice with the laws of the land and punished.

No compulsion in Religion”

There is no force in the matters of Faith.  Faith is to be nurtured and grown in environment of bless, and piety with respect and protection to all living. And the best to judge our deeds of this life is the creator himself and the Day of Judgment will reveal all to all.

But to make the message heard is responsibility of a Muslim too.  It should be done, in most conducive and respectful manner with no hurt to the sentiments and abuse to any living. This is responsibility those who understood and blessed with the message of Quran and teachings, of Mohammed sas.

Neither the messengers of Allah nor the pious in them, nor any Military Power, nor Greater Empires in the past present and the future have the power to influence the mind and heart of a single soul to make him understand and take the right path.  Until the creator Himself approve and change the heart of such individual.

While discussing the issue of apostasy in Islam, probably no verse is more frequently cited to decide the issue, especially by Muslims in the West who advocate freedom of religion, than Qur’an 2:256: “There is no compulsion in religion.”

This verse is one of the most important verses in the Qur’an, containing a charter of freedom of conscience unparalleled in the religious annals of mankind.

Note:(Panel of Judges who where on the Show  ” Muslim Identity,with Barkaha Dutt on NDTV Last Sunday. NDTV please Read this valuable Information and re shoot the show with right panel, many feel the discussion was like promo of MNIK  a commercial value show sorry if it hurts you Barkaha )

  1. Abdulaziz Norat
    March 9, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Allah may give you reward for preaching & teaching Islamic principals to all human beings.

  2. March 10, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    NDTV Show on Muslims did not do justice. Barkaha Dutt show.
    Sir, i feel you are trying to answer to SRK and Barkah, and Kabir. Zakir through this article.

    My congratulations to you for touching aspects of Muslims, and Islam, I saw the programme on NDTV fo Brakaha, was disappointed by the way some of the judges were speaking I am Sikh, and NRI I have several Muslim friends arab and india, Sirji. But they are like my own family I many are very good practising Muslims, But the talk of people like Kabir Kahan who said Religion should be a choise of individual at the age of 21.

    I am sure these people do not understand the meaning of any Religion, I am Sikh I am proud to be a Sikh, we suffered several problems in Punjab, Indians know, how difficult it was for sikhs to even walk in the steets of Delhi with Pagdi and Beard. The sikhs were not resposible for waht was done by hand full of sikhs in the name of Khalistan. Similarly why Mulsims are made to answer on the evil deeds of hand full of fanatics in bordering nations, and in the name of Taliban, JM LT, doing acts like 9/11 or 26/11 and many others. The Muslims are sufferers too.

    These people can’t be made to jude the acts of Muslims and speak about Islam, a noble Religion.
    Zakir Naik i think is scholar why was he not he condemn terror groups who are killing sikhs, and muslim,s and people in the name of religion, how can he stop and not accuse them.

    good work sir keep it up. I read you work on Sikhs injustice in the case of Delhi killings of sikhs after the killing of Indiira ji. by a Sikh. You are defending our rights. Rab apko Rakhe,

  3. mohammed ahmed
    March 10, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    We the people on NDTV was a damp squib. some body has to explain to most of the panelists that Islam lays down very clear does and dont’s of leading our lifes. The example has been laid down by our prophet saws and only people who follow the example can be called Muslims. We cant follow islam according to our whims and fancies. Allah swt clearly states that the only differentiation on the day of judgement will be on piety. people who follow the tenets of Islam will obviously be better then other so called Moderates and Liberals etc.

    To make it simpler can Barkha Dutt or babbak dutt tell us that an employee of Ndtv who follows the rules and is dedicated to his work in the organisation the same in comparison to any who is negligent?

  4. A.K.Mansoor
    March 12, 2010 at 12:27 am

    In my interaction with the Americans and British common persons i.e a 9 to five worker who belongs to that part of the world does’nt know much about the other cultures or religion. They are vey innocent hard workers. It is the media in those countries which keeps on beating the drums of misinformation. I have listened to many debates on the radio and watched on T.V. They even put forward people with Islamic names as representatives. These persons are Muslims for name sake they never prayed or studied about Islam and practiced islam as it must be. But they represent the whole Muslim community and sing to the tune of the moderator or the anchor of the program. For instance take the example of the women who tried to give the call for prayer (Azan or Adhan) and lead the prayer (Perform Imamath) in an unislamic way and some men and women joined that congregational prayer in the district of Columbia. Will these persons be in a position to represent Muslims on the radio, T.V Newspaper or any form of Media?
    With the help of such people the media is propagating a negative picture of Islam and Muslims. The way you have used this medium to present the true picture of Muslim is very commendable. I would like to add that Islam is the religion of Love for ALLAH (God). All our prayers and actions are with the love of Allah to seek Allah the rewards of paradise and other goodies for good deeds are an added bonus. We seek Allah for the Love of Allah in our prayer (Salat) Fast (Saum or Roza, Zakat or Haj. Mansoor

  5. A.K.Mansoor
    March 24, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    A Muslim is a Muslim if he practices the five tenets and loves his neighbor as his self, tries to look for guidance from Quran and hadith. Moderate, extreme, liberal or any other category is not applicable to a practicing Muslim.

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