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“Save Tigers” Queen Samara demands.

March 11, 2010 3 comments

Queen Samara looking for her Killer. " She wants to know who Murdered her and orphaned her kids Tiger Raka and Tigress Joti"

This summer afternoon, I visited artists gallery in Hyderabad.    Artist friend of mine, loves to  paint  Tigers. I told him he can play a role in saving Tigers in India by showing concern, thru his painting.

Nation is worried the way Tiger population is diminishing in India. Tigers are getting eradicated due to our negligence,  brutality of selfish few, and not enough being done to save them by the people in power. The count less1400 in India today, if timely actions are not taken they my get extint

As I walked around his gallery,  I was attracted to  a painting on the Wall of a Tigress, She was  full of grace  yet a distinct anger, and  pain and her eyes filled with deep thirst for a along over due revenge.

Engrossed, over her,  to my surprise,  I heard a roar,  suddenly  the painting on the Wall started speaking to me.   The tigress on the wall  questioned me,   Sir,  do  you know who am I.

Confused I looked around and the voice of  Tigress roared again,  She  said I am Samara  once  The Queen of  Indian Forests. I was the real Queen of the Forests,  I got  killed by a my enemy  few years back, my killer was a devil in the skin of  humanbeing. Read more…