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Obama makes History “Health Care Bill Passed” Yes he can.

House members hold up signs toward a crowd protesting the health reform bill in front of the Capitol on Sunday.

Washington (CNN) — The House passed on Sunday the Senate’s health care reform bill and a package of measures meant to reconcile differences between the Senate bill and the one it passed last year.

Here’s the latest on what’s happening:

11:48 p.m.: President Obama says that the House’s vote on health care “wasn’t an easy vote but it was the right vote.”

Speaking from the East Room of the White House, the president, who made health care reform a priority for his administration, said the vote wasn’t a victory for a political party but for the American people.

Obama said the reform plan won’t fix everything wrong with the nation’s health care system, “but it moves us decisively in the right direction.”

11:30 p.m.: The House has passed the package of fixes meant to reconcile differences between the bill the House passed last year and the Senate bill it passed earlier Sunday night.

Those vote was 220-211.The reconciliation package now heads to the Senate.

11:20 p.m.: The House is voting on passage of the reconciliation bill. This is the final vote of the day on health care reform.

The reconciliation bill is the package of “fixes” to the Senate health care bill that made it more attractive to balking House Democrats.

11:18 p.m.: The House votes down the Republican motion to recommit the bill.

11:08 p.m.: CNN’s Brianna Keilar reports: A Republican lawmaker shouted out “baby killer” as Rep. Bart Stupak explained why he would not support the motion to recommit.

Stupak sponsored an amendment in the House bill that included tougher language on restricting federal funding of abortions.

Stupak decided to support the Senate bill after President Obama said he would sign an executive order that would make sure the health care reform law would be consistent with current restrictions on federal funding for abortions.

10:55 p.m.: Republicans have offered a motion to recommit, which is their last chance to kill the bill.

The Republican motion is to amend the language on abortion in the just-passed Senate bill.

10:48 p.m.: The House passes the Senate health care bill, 219-212.

All 178 Republicans opposed it, along with 34 Democrats.

The House then moved on to consider the reconciliation package.

10:31 p.m.: Lawmakers are voting on the health care legislation. The vote will last for 15 minutes.

10:17 p.m.: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised the health care legislation for its ability to “unleash tremendous entrepreneurial power into our economy.”

Pelosi said the fact that the bill is on the cusp of passing is due to the leadership of President Obama.

She also cited the legacy of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, who wrote in a letter to Obama that health care is the “great unfinished business of our society.”

“That is — until today,” she said.

10:07 p.m.: House Minority Leader John Boehner delivers fiery remarks, slamming the contents of the health care bill and the process leading up to the vote.

  1. March 22, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    President Barack Obama asserted his stand, American stood with him. Health Bill is a reality.

    The forces of Angel Obama are victorious. Long life the spirit of Obama and his team.

    I am hopeful the similar resolve and focus is exercised by the American Administration towards solving the Middle East Crisis, and bring peace and happiness to the Palestinians and the People of Israel too.

    The two nation initiative needs can be a reality too under President Obama.
    And the insurance lobbyists lost.

    Millions will smile and they taste the sweets of real change Mr. Obama brought in his victory as President with conviction to help the not so advantaged.

    Thanks you American and Mr. Obama for opening chapter of care all.

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