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“That is what Change looks like” Said Obama.

Moment of Victory, making President Obama, more determined and strong to face the challenges ahea, one of them Peace in MIddle East . Our best wishes are with you Mr. President.

As many Americans on the East Coast got ready for bed at the end of the weekend, the House of Representatives cast the votes needed to make President Obama’s health care proposals a reality.

President Obama spoke to the American people shortly after the bill’s passage March 21, “this is what change looks like,” he said. The bill, which has dominated much of the president’s domestic agenda, has gone through months of work in Congress.

One of the most significant health care reforms in decades, the bill provides more affordable health insurance options, the White House says. Among the provisions, it creates an insurance purchasing pool that will help uninsured Americans select among competitive insurance options. It also provides tax credits for small businesses that purchase health insurance for their employees. It requires most Americans to have health insurance or face fines. (This New York Times graphic shows how it will impact Americans.)

The president thanked the many Americans who advocated for changes in health insurance coverage. “Today’s vote answers the dreams of so many who have fought for this reform. To every unsung American who took the time to sit down and write a letter or type out an e-mail hoping your voice would be heard — it has been heard tonight.

Read  Adilmohd’s   response to Mr. Obama’s  message thanking all who supported him, in making Healh bill a  Law.   On  Obama Today, blog space on http://www.America.gov.


Thank you Mr. Obama for remembering our support, we are with you for all that you initiate, I am an Indian Muslim, from Hyderabad. And a citizen to this World. I have a demand too…

Please put the focus and energies to-gather to bring peace in Middle East and let the Palestinians and Israelis live life’s of dignity and mutual respect. And I like to see the two Independent and Happy nations, Palestine, and Israel living side by side as happy nations in your term as President of America.

You are the one who can, take the hard things first.  Let this hard thing be solved too.

Congratulations, to you too,

Looking forward for a word from you Mr. President. On Middle East, I am sure you will.  God Bless you, God Bless America, and The people of the World.

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