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SC allows AP’s Muslim quota order. MEC India, thanks AP Govt, and SC.

4% Reservation upheld, by SC. Backward Muslims of AP appreciate the SC Observation and thank the state Govt.

In a significant judgement, the Supreme Court today permitted Andhra Pradesh to provide four per cent reservation in jobs and education for backward members of the Muslims but referred to a special bench the issue of its Constitutional validity.

Lifting the stay on the AP government’s decision, a three-judge bench of Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan, Justice J M Panchal and B S Chauhan said “since it involves important questions of Constitution, we are referring the matter to a Constitution bench” for hearing in the second week of August.

As many as 14 Muslim groups identified as socially and educationally backward sections by the State Backward Commission would now be eligible for the benefit.

“Government is of the view that certain sections of the Muslim community are socially and educationally backward.

  1. suk
    March 27, 2010 at 11:27 am

    First of All We all should realize that ine of the greatest assets of INDIA in reference to Non_Corrupt Practices and FULL EFFICENT Working. The INDIAN JUDICIARY SYSTEM AND THE DEFENCE (ARMY NAVY AND AIRFORCE). Lert us not let these areas adulterated or polluted with the dirty LINEN wearing with the dress CORRUPTION.
    Either the Hon HIGH COURT OF AP has not understood or read the ordnance passed in the Assembly to the fullest extent or the Advocate General did not Argued competentently on the Ordnance. It is quite humilating that once a bill has been passed by the Assembly with the Majority then ,HOW CAN THE BILL BE MIS_READ OR MIS INTERPRETED BY THE JUDICIARY. I AM AFRAID THAT THE JUDICIARY MAY NOT GET POLLUTED WITH THE DIRTY LINEN OF COMMUNALISM AND CORRUPTION. THIS IS THE ONLY ONE OF THE CLEAN SECTOR OF THE COUNTRY PLEASE PROTECT IT TO SAVE SECULARISM AND SAVE THE COUNTRY.

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