Shining Stars,Obama & Rahul

Rahul Gandhi, on way to see his Vision for Change as reality with the support of Indian Youth.

Rahul Gandhi ji,  is a force which is like the one which emanated in United States of America in the year 2008, a star started to shine, with a definite vision, backed with a golden heart which could hear the pain and the language of the beat of a suffering disadvantaged American, irrespective of Religion, Color, and Caste.  The star to shine on the horizon the galaxies was a humble but, intelligent, humorous, but firm and assertive like a volcano.  I mean my own, Barack Obama, the new voice of the poor, and suffering people of America, and the progressive youth, of America.

He promised change and he kept his promise. He won as President, took tough measures to pull the economy back on track in most adverse condition, still pushing.  He promised a Health care Bill to make health affordable for each American.  He is my angel and his speeches are like songs of hope, inviting breeze of prosperity for US people.

President Obama, who made Change a Reality. On support of American Aam Aadmi. the Common Man.

Middle East will be his next focus after health bill,   Obama, is one and only leader, of the world, who can be called in the true sense the first leader of the people of the world who look up to him to do the magic and make this planet free from weapons of mass destruction and discourage forces with possible threat to the very purpose of existence happiness and peace for all.

He will go in to history his name in Platinum Words, on the surface of the sky, as I like to believe Obama will bring lasting happiness to the people of Israel and the suffering Palestinians.  The world is united to see the two states of Palestine and Israel a reality in the term of Obama the angel, of peace, and Nobel Laurent.

One such Angel is emerging on the horizon of Asia, Rahul Gandhi, with a vision, to address more complex political set up in India. Rahul Gandhi, son of Rahul Gandhi/Sonia Gandhi, and Grandson of India Gandhi and Great Grandson of Pundit Nehru. The first Prime Minister of Independent India.

The vision of Rahul is bond to make magic in coming times, and Rahul will emerge as unquestionable leader of Indian People.  He has the Vision to take the youth power in to political main stream and transform India, in to much better and Aam Admi, focused growth and development strategy.  Hard is not the enough word to describe the effort this young Gandhi is putting to make his dream a Reality

Barrack Obama, with the mass support to bring the change in America 2008. The Change is reality today, the world has since seen.

Today’s youth is tomorrows elder, well found youth can develop in to a much matured elder. This is an opportunity for all sections of society, both religious, and social to make the best use of this opportunity and join, a truly democratic and forward looking rejuvenated Congress Party by its leader, Rahul ji.

I am dreaming the caste, and religious divide will fade soon if the Congress and the youth which joins now, realize this vision which I envisage today.

God willing my dream will be a reality…  Soon I am going to start appealing to Muslims and Minorities, and forward looking uppercase Hindus to embrace this opportunity and yes we will and we should support the vision of Brother of India Rahall Gandhi.

  1. Maaz
    March 26, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    there is indeed a comparisons between the two “shining stars”. Both have manifested an urge to change the system & work towards the betterment of humanity.
    Above all they have the required ingredients to Lead the propel the masses.

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