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Anju Gupta nailed lies of Pariwar. Now What Advani Ji ?

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Anju Gupta, IPS Officer who Nailed the lies of Pariwar. Now what Mr. Advani ?

It took a Brave Lady  like Anju Gupta a Senior Police Officer after 20 years of silence, to nail the lies of the BJP,   L K Advani Ji, and the Sangh Pariwar exposed of its heinous Crime committed in the name of Religions and Hurting the sentiments of whole Nation and disrespecting the constitution and law of the land.

The Brave and upfront officer Ms Anju Gupa, and IPS Office, did not hesitate and did not think twice to speak truth and nothing but truth while deposing her statement to the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court in Rae Bareli.

She said “” L K Advani gave a “Joshila” (Fiery) speech from the dais, repeating over and over again that” Mandir Yahin Banayenge (The temple will be build right here) and according to her this electrified the kar sevaks.

Ms. Gupta Said she was present on the dais for a substantial part of the six hours it took to raze the “Disputed Structure.

“Though this time not once did she see Mr. Advani, or the other leaders present on the makeshift Ramkatha Kunj Manch order the kar sevaks to halt the demolition. Instead they made merry, hugged each other as each dome of the 16th Century monument fell and distributed sweets. Read more…