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Hyderabad a Victim of Deep Conspiracy. Why the Inteligence has failed ?

March 31, 2010 5 comments

Hindu Family in Old City look at the massive procession on the occassion of Hanuman Jayanti, surprised to see themselves from where this people have come. Hindus and Muslims suffer at the hands o deep conspirators to advance their agendas, of divide and hate, disturb the noral life in A P. The Indians suffer and the dividers party.

Is Hyderabad, a victim of some conspiracy, this is not communal violence this is goondaism, by external elements who are not residents of Old City or New City. They have a plan to implement, and they are powered by the money, muscle, and evil intentions, and possible inroads in circles of authority, with a plan to destabilize the conditions working for their masters in disguise.

This is so organized and quick the police is not able to really keep the movements under check and it is scattered and spread.  And the plan is linked and designed to fall in midst of two religious functions and sentiments attached to make it look like religious intolerance by two communities.

I am witness to the sites where few small arguments erupted on last Saturday over placing, and removing of flags by two communities this was only a reason designed to trigger and put to action a plan to disturb and damage the peace and property and life in the effected zones. The people affected are from all communities, and even people of other states staying or who were on move for some purpose in the affected areas.

Where is the religious tone, why would it, the tone is induced by the miscreants to make it look like a resistance or provocation by opposite sections. And poor common man of any section a common Indian sometimes reacts in the spurt of the movement not realizing the real enemy of both sections, and enemy of peace, and safety of innocent people and property public and private. Read more…