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Don’t treat soldiers like beggars: Supreme Court

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They sacrifice their lifes for Nation. And we do not even care for their livly hood. Our blood has become white.

The Supreme Court has slammed the union government for treating army personnel like “beggars” in respect of emoluments and pension and asked the authorities to adopt a more “humane approach” towards those bravely defending the country’s borders.

“If a person goes to any part of Delhi and sits for begging, he will earn Rs 1000 every day and you are offering a pittance of Rs 1000 per month for a man who fought for the country in the high altitudes and whose arm was amputated?

“Is this the way you treat those brave army officers? It is unfortunate thatT  you are treating them like beggars,” a bench of Justices Markandeya Katju and A K Patnaik said in verbal comments while passing the order.

The apex court passed the order dismissing the Centre’s appeal challenging a Punjab and Haryana High Court direction to pay higher pension to C S Siddu, a Short Commissioned Officer whose right arm had to be amputated due to an accident while on duty at the high altitudes on November November 21, 1970. Read more…

Concerns on detention of innocent in Riot Effected Old City. How valid they are?

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Hyderabad Police. How responsible is our Police ? Can it be more traparent and broad based.

Complaints are coming thru Media, of arrests by effected ares in Hyderabad Old City.  The police can come clean  and build confidence of the people, and NGO’s on this if they disclose the number of people arrested and reasons behind.

In such scale of disturbance which we have seen in the spurt of the movement the police will and responsibility  to put the condition back to normal and control the situation it is possible it may, resort to such arrests but those arrests should not be made to innocent, at any cost, that will not help justice, and human rights.

The arrests of any person, belongs to any section, cannot be justified if he is innocent. Great care and caution has to be exercised by the authorities in making such detentions or precautionary measures to curb disturbance.

This is very sensitive and needs greater caution and take the local leaders, and social organizations in to confidence to avoid any misunderstanding. This is an appeal to the Police Authorities. By me. Read more…