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Concerns on detention of innocent in Riot Effected Old City. How valid they are?

Hyderabad Police. How responsible is our Police ? Can it be more traparent and broad based.

Complaints are coming thru Media, of arrests by effected ares in Hyderabad Old City.  The police can come clean  and build confidence of the people, and NGO’s on this if they disclose the number of people arrested and reasons behind.

In such scale of disturbance which we have seen in the spurt of the movement the police will and responsibility  to put the condition back to normal and control the situation it is possible it may, resort to such arrests but those arrests should not be made to innocent, at any cost, that will not help justice, and human rights.

The arrests of any person, belongs to any section, cannot be justified if he is innocent. Great care and caution has to be exercised by the authorities in making such detentions or precautionary measures to curb disturbance.

This is very sensitive and needs greater caution and take the local leaders, and social organizations in to confidence to avoid any misunderstanding. This is an appeal to the Police Authorities. By me.

It is natural the families of boys or men arrested will be put to great inconvenience and uncertainty if an innocent person is put to hardship. The city looks comfortable, there seems to be greater care this time by the police under commissar A K Khan.

There are complaints and unrest in the Area of lack to personnel care in the interior areas, and the public in the effected areas from both the communities are complaining that the VIP’s are coming up to Charminar and Macca Msjid and returning.

The Political Parties, NGOs and Elected Leaders are protesting with the Police and demanding release of such innocent persons.  The Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi was on a Dhrana last night at Charminar Police Station demanding release to arrested persons. The bottom line is no innocent should be put to hard ship and his rights violated.  The police has done good job but his concerns it is in the interest of the people and the police dept to have greater transparency and caution.

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