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Sania & Shoeb a Perfect Match. Shoeb claims not guilty ? Sania stands by Him.

Shoeb and Sania, the Brave and the beautiful. A perfect match.

Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik, set to marry Indian tennis player Sania Mirza, on Monday insisted he was innocent and would not leave India until he was cleared of charges of marrying Ayesha Siddiqui.

Shoaib added that he was cooperating with the police and had no intention of leaving the country with a sullied image.

He said the Siddiqui family would have to prove in court that he had indeed married Ayesha — as they claim. Shoaib, however, refused to apologise to the Siddiqui and also went to the extent of challenging Ayesha to meet the media.

A more confident Sania added that their wedding would take place on April 15.

“I have full faith in him (Shoaib), my family has full faith in him.”

She said she and Shoaib came from respectable families and it was painful to hear the charges being hurled against her would-be husband.

“We are representing our countries … (Such allegations are) not right. It is very painful for the families also.

“We want to clear his name. As an Indian it is my responsibility and it is our responsibility to let the police investigate.”

But Sania admitted she was upset over the developments.

Police on Monday seized the passport of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik as they questioned him in the wake of a complaint of cheating lodged by the father of a local girl Ayesha Siddiqui claiming that she was married to him.

But 28-year-old Shoaib told a police team this morning at the Jubilee Hills residence of 23-year-old tennis star Sania Mirza that he had been tricked into marriage with Ayesha.

“The city police have questioned Shoaib Malik for one-and-a-half hours and they have also seized his passport. Immigration authorities have been informed about the case filed against Malik and his passport seizure,” said additional commissioner of police (Coordination), Mr Dwarka Tirumala Rao, said.

Police on Monday reached the residence of tennis star Sania Mirza apparently to question Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in the wake of a cheating case lodged against him by the father of Ayesha, the Hyderabad girl who claims to be his wife.

In fresh trouble for 28-year-old Shoaib, who is scheduled to get married to 23-year-old Sania here on April 15, the Hyderabad Police have alerted the immigration authorities about the criminal complaint, a move that could pose difficulties for Shoaib to leave the country. There was no immediate official word on why the police have gone to the Mirza residence.

The charges against Shoaib are that of harassment of Ayesha, cheating to marry another girl and criminal intimidation including threats to her to keep quiet, Hyderabad Police Commissioner A.K. Khan said.

Ayesha’s father Mohammad Siddiqui in his complaint, which was lodged hours after Shoaib on Sunday confirmed his marriage with Sania, had accused the Pakistani cricketer of cheating his daughter.

The Banjara Hills police said that a case under Sections 420 (cheating), 498-A (dowry harassment) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of IPC has been registered against Shoaib and they will take up the investigation after verifying facts of the complaint.

Shoaib, who landed here on Saturday, admitted to his ‘nikah’ with Ayesha but claimed the marriage was invalid. Shoaib accused Ayesha of cheating him as he believed the girl he was marrying was the one in the photographs sent to him by her.

Mr Khan said an FIR has been made out and it would be followed by collection of evidence and taking legal advice since Shoaib is a Pakistani national.

“The Banjara Hills police have received a complaint by Ayesha Siddiqui against Shoaib Malik. We have registered a case against Shoaib. Now we will take legal opinion quickly before taking further action,” Additional Commissioner of Police (Co-ordination), Dwarka Thirumala Rao said.

He said there were some legal complications involved in the case and they “will have to examine whether a foreigner committing an offence on a foreign soil comes under the purview of IPC or not”. “The legal opinion will be taken quickly and we will proceed further as the marriage is on April 15,” he

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  1. Manik Prabhu
    April 6, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Randaa`mayya – Kalasu`konda`mayya ! (An old LR Eshwari song in Telugu).

    Maha Siddiki ko Bajra daalo. Maha, Lady Chatterly; (age 42, weight : 250 kgs) ex-Vice Principal, Hala International School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (Tel : 00966 671 5531 / 5543). Sister NAGHMA divorced twice too (QULA),now with her 3rd hubby in Hyd. Maha suffers from a personality disorder (Dual-Personality). “AYESHA” is her alter-ego. A slim girl, beautiful as Beyonce Knowles !

    “Ayesha” is a fictional character Maha created. With pics of another girl (probably a beautiful Arab girl student of Hala Intl School Jeddah) she duped Shoaib. First talk, then invitation (and disappearance), and slowly like a vaccum cleaner., pulled the man in. Remember at the start of the relationship, Shoaib is around 18-20. Whereas Maha must be 34. 34 v/s. 18. If i were the lawyer for Shoaib (who may not be an angel., but in this case is innocent), i will stress this.

    In 10 years, it seems Shoaib met Maha 14 times, but his end goal is to reach “AYESHA”. Shoaib’s manzil was “Ayesha”. Maha comes into the picture sometimes as Aunt / Sister only to butter Shoaib into sweet talk and have pics taken. If you look at the pic., you realise Shoaib standing respectfully. A husband doesnt stand like THAT with his wife. Study their faces.

    Why on earth would a 18 yr old fall for a 36 year old Vice Principal of Hala Intl School Jeddah weighing 250 kgs ? Is this logical. Whereas a 36 yr old Vice Principal CAN fall in love with a cute slim hot looking 18 yr old dude ! Reminds me of Lady Chatterly’s Lover ! I bet Maha took pics of a beautiful “A” level girl student and presented it to Shoaib as “AYESHA”. The girl in the pic made Shoaib go nuts. Arab / Lebanese girls are too beautiful. They can make any 18-yr old go crazy.

    SHOAIB MUST NOW PRESENT THOSE PICS (OF FICTIONAL AYESHA) to POLICE & MEDIA. Those pics must now be made public for truth to emerge.

    Maha’s father says : “Shoaib and the Pak Team visited Hyd and in fact it was a Wedding Reception”. Mr. Siddiqui, in a wedding reception the Groom (Doolha) does not wear a “Track Suit”. Shoaib has been trapped.

    Shoaib’s fault : He is from a poor family and is uneducated. Did not understand the gravity of the matter. Everyone lies on internet. He went a step further, took a form of Nikahnama and sent it to AYESHA. Maha received it, signed it as “MAHA” (it was intended for Ayesha)and claimed “Here it is. I am married to Shoaib”.

    AA BAIL MUJHE MAAR. This is a case of one-sided love and obsession. Maha and her father must be fined. This may open flood-gates as girls claim “we have been married”, ” i have had a miscarriage” and so on.

    Maha is mentally sick. Weighs 250 kgs., and needs help. She must consult Dr. Majeed Khan, Psychiatrist, Hyderabad. Shoaib and Sania must go ahead and marry April 15, 2010, no matter what, otherwise this relationship will crumble under the weight of the media war.

    Shoaib and Sania make a great couple and can set up a Sports Club/Academy teaching kids Cricket and Tennis. If Lata Mangeshkar (Shiv-Sena financier) and Asha Bhonsle can open restaurants in Dubai and make millions., why cant Sania-Shoaib open a Sports Academy ?

    BJP is nothing but a Bharat Jalao Party feeding on Hate for Islam / Indian Muslims (Pakistan is the easy punching bag). BJP’s real intent is to insuniate that Indian Muslims are not true Indians, at heart. Their loyalty to India is suspect. Sania chose a Pakistani. In the event of war, they will welcome Pakistani Army with garlands and guide them to Hindu Homes. So, beware of this internal threat and support BJP / Hindutva terrorist gangs.

    Instil fear in HINDUS and grab power in centre + states and make billions. that is the real aim of BJP.

    Bajra.. Bajra.. Bajra. Its Bajra all the way.

  2. jyothi
    April 6, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    when observe the whole thing came in tvs i know onething ayesha cheated shoeb somany internet users doing like this but in this matter shoeb commited a wrong its by mistake.international personality doesnt want to familiar this thing to world first of all he also put a cheating case against ayesha in pakisthan in muslim law or any law nobody want to get cheated in the name of marriage

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