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Sheob Divorced Ayesha, not before dirty linen washed in open, and Hyderabad embrassed.

April 7, 2010 6 comments

file picture of Sheob Mallik with Siddiqui in Hyderabad - Sheob is a free man now, she will marry Sania Mirza on 15 th April

The episode of Mirzas, Siddiquis, and Malliks, is over but not with out washing the dirty linen in on to the streets in both the nations, India and Pakistan, the big looser is city of Hyderabad which has off tracked for its traditional, decency, and good senses, pulled the city and the dignity to the levels so low, not seen ever before.

This was saga of lies, allegations, and counter allegations by both the parties, the dorsa, is now on the Media which could not take it to the climax and make the full tamasha of the whole episode.

The Media has passed a judgment that Shoeb Mallik is a liar and not a trust worthy character. As he denied being in marriage to Ayshia on Wed 7th April signed a on the dotted line to divorce Ayesha.

On the other hand the Siddquies have with drawing the complaint against Shoeb and were all relieved by Ayseha’s Mother saying “my daughter is very happy, this is what she wanted, divorce and there is no money involved”  They all want the fans and the world to believe there is no underhand deal or money attached to this whole compromise. This is for the readers and the viewers to the channels to deicide.   Read more…

Time to expose Rioters, of Old City.

April 7, 2010 3 comments

Come 5 pm the busiest business Road of Old City Madina Builing to Charminar and Gulzar House wears a deserted look, with the police effectively enforcing 5 pm to 8 am curfew. There seems to be an uneasy comfort as th police is not very confident to go for lifting the curfew, as yet.

The people of Old City have undergone losses which will be difficult to cover-up in three to six months.  BPL is under shock and stress, with uncertainty.

The business community is pained and is finding it difficult to understand what actually went wrong and how are they going to cover the loss, and how will they come back to normal fast, a trader, Ramcahran, a whole sale dealer of oils was complaining of loss of contracts with few of his suppliers and consumers.

The New city also got effected as nearly 25 to 30 percent of the work force which works in the new and hate city area comes from Old city, like the technicians, drivers, painters, carpenters, category 2 and 3 employees.

Also the IT professionals come from Old city especially in IT companies like GE, Infosys, Deloit and Google.

That also puts breaks on the normal functioning of New City offices and business centers and malls. And theatres and trading centers. Read more…