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Food price inflation accelerates to 17.7pc

Infaltion, making life tough for common man. Any recpite ?

New Delhi, Apr 8 (PTI) Higher prices of milk, fruits and pulses pushed food inflation to 17.70 per cent for the week ended March 27, fueling expectations that Reserve Bank of India may further tighten rates in its annual monetary policy on April 20.
Food inflation in the previous week stood at 16.35 per cent. With prices of essential items rising and fears of food inflation spreading to manufactured goods, the overall inflation for March, data for which is expected next week, is likely to cross the double digit mark.

The overall inflation, which includes variation in prices of food and non-food items, was 9.89 per cent in February.

On an annual basis, pulses became dearer by 32.60 per cent, milk by 21.12 per cent, fruits 14.95 and wheat by 13.34 per cent.

On a weekly basis, the index for food articles rose by 0.

  1. Mustafa
    April 13, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    food price inflation is out and out an consequential effect of the high investment on infrastructure in the last years budget. that time no opposition posed any question although it was quite visible that soon the people are going to face a heavy inflation. on the other hand budget is never monitored properly for example the budget allocated for minority welfare in the last budget was more than 1,700 crores but what has been released is less than 100 crores.

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