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Twist in the tale. Sania-Shoeb Marriage Today 9th April.

Sania-Shoeb Saga has reached its logic conclussion, the marriage and Nikkah will be pronounced today.

Hyderabad, Apr 9 (PTI) In yet another surprising twist to the Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik affair, the Indian tennis star has decided to marry the Pakistani cricketer today instead of the previously decided date of April 15.

Quazi Azmatullah Jaffri of Dar-Ul-Qazzat confirmed that the nikah will be performed after evening prayers here today.

The couple had earlier announced that they would tie the knot on April 15 but as it turns out that date has been set for their reception ceremony to be attended by about about 500 guests at the Taj Krishna hotel.

Ever since they announced their wedding, the couple had been hounded by the media over Shoaib’s first marriage. Another Hyderabad girl Ayesha Siddiqui had alleged that Shopaib married her over phone before dumping her without a divorce due to her weight problems.

Shoaib initially denied the allegations and claimed that Ayesha duped him into a phone marriage by sending photographs of a different woman. The all-rounder, however, finally agreed to divorce her after being pressurised by community leaders.

Ayesha had also filed an FIR against Shoaib alleging fraud and criminal intimidation which led to the cricketer’s passport being confiscated by the police.

The FIRs have been withdrawn after Shoaib agreed to divorce Ayesha and Shaoib is likely to get back his passport before the reception if he applies to the court today.

“As far as police are concerned, the case is closed. Shoaib has to apply to the court and get back his passport,” Narasimha Reddy Additional Commissioner of Police told PTI. He said some administrative procedures have to be followed.

“We received requisition from Siddiquis. Now they can settle the matter in Lok Adalat,” Reddy said.

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