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Rights of Minorities of India, and Role of Majority Community to Bring Minoritieis in to Main Stream.

The Minorities Empowerment, what does it mean to a Majoirty Community of India. Are the Minorities, who are back ward and are at teh verge of getting fully isolated from the main stream in a nation like India, with its vibrant outlook, and vision to lead the world, will it not be improper to even if not willingly to neglect a population as big as 23 to 25 % per the Indian population of one billion Indians.
The constitution of inida pleadges to give equal right to all its citizens, and the rights of all Indian are very firmly protected by our Book of Constitution of which we as Indians are proud of.  How along the minorities of this country will be kept out and denied the proportionate share in the Govt, and  Private sectors, in jobs, and in Educational and Social forums, And in our services.
The main concern of our nation and its people should be take along the  poor and the left our in the socity be they HIndus or Muslims, Sikhs, Cristians, Jains, or any with the wind of prospetity and growth, with due share in all areas of growth and oppertunity.
I believe the Majority of the Majority Hindus of India like and wish to take along there Minority brothers and sister together on march in 21st Century India and relish the feel of being one people and one National of One India. Jai Hind.  The Presidetn of MEC India Mr. Adil M H the aurthor of this blog takes pride in expressing this feeling to the press on 13 th ofFeb 2010 at Hyderbad.
The basis for assessing and implementing such measures should be based on Ranganth Misra Commission, and Sachar Committee Recomendations. As soon as possible. The MEC is comitted to raise this subject in all political and social forums and with the NGOs and Pillar of our Democracy,Justice System, and Parliament of India and its Assemblies.
  1. Srinivas Rao
    April 14, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Now its nice to see the videos with the blog.

  2. A.K. Mansoor
    April 19, 2010 at 12:26 am

    The best solution to the unrest among the minorities is to enable them to earn a decent and honorable living. The government is bow focussing on this point and reservations for muslims is one such step. There might be many more such plans. the minorities their properties and places of worship must be protected from the rioters and strict punishment must be imposed on the perpetrators and culprits of the riots.

  3. Mohammad Imran
    July 18, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    Because of rise of TERRORISM Muslims are facing much discrimination in the Markets ,Schools, Colleges, Shops , Public Places and the localities where they are residing in minorities and even in Government Offices and Courts too.On the basis SACHCHAR COMMITTEE’s REPORT Muslims of INDIA are living in the worst conditions than Scheduled Caste peoples of INDIA who are getting reservation everywhere for their up liftment by Government of INDIA. When such illiterate , poor Muslims faces discrimination by biased people they move towards Human Rights Commission and Minorities Commission but officials of these commission doesn’t work properly. We need at least one practicing Muslim IAS or PCS Officer of Sub Divisional Magistrate RANK in District Head Quarter of each District of INDIA so that s/he can see the matters relating to Muslims (and guide them how to implement government policies at root levels to uplift the conditions of poor Muslims) whether they are governmental, semi governmental, non-governmental or private sector so that no one can deceive poor , illiterate and innocent Muslims.

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