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Oh Allah the evil in us is on increase and the Good is fading, Have merci on us guide us.

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In the name Allah most benificient and Mercifull.

Chapter 71 Verses 5, 6, 7, Al Quran Al Hakeem.

Verse 5. He said: “O my Lord! Verily, I have called my people night and day (i.e. secretly and openly to accept the doctrine of Monotheism).

Verse 6, “But all my calling added nothing but to (their) flight (from the truth).”

Verse 7 And verily! Every time I called unto them that you might forgive them, they thrust their fingers into their ears, covered themselves up with their garments, and persisted (in their refusal), and magnified themselves in pride. Read more…

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Nations Make Nuclear Security Agreements at President’s Summit

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46 Countries Attending Nuclear Secutiry Summit. Representatives from 46 countries attended President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit April 12-13 in Washington, D.C.

“We have the opportunity, as individual nations, to take specific and concrete actions to secure the nuclear materials in our countries and to prevent illicit trafficking and smuggling,” Obama said. Read more…

Rahul ki Raha “Aam Aadmi ki Rahat”

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Did you see one like him, in independent India, This Gandhi, is Modern Mahatma of 21st Century. A Borther of Indian Nation. I know I will not be proved wrong. Insahalllah

Congress need to do it on its own strength, and defeat the forces of polarization in the name of castes, and hijacking the growth and development in the name of saving the pride of the dalits, and the backward in UP.

The Pride is in better facilities, better opportunities, and better conditions and self-respect. Not in projecting and allowing the egos to grow day in day out in the form of statues and monuments of abuse with criminal wastage of funds that could have changed the lives of lacs of dalits by now. Read more…