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Rahul ki Raha “Aam Aadmi ki Rahat”

Did you see one like him, in independent India, This Gandhi, is Modern Mahatma of 21st Century. A Borther of Indian Nation. I know I will not be proved wrong. Insahalllah

Congress need to do it on its own strength, and defeat the forces of polarization in the name of castes, and hijacking the growth and development in the name of saving the pride of the dalits, and the backward in UP.

The Pride is in better facilities, better opportunities, and better conditions and self-respect. Not in projecting and allowing the egos to grow day in day out in the form of statues and monuments of abuse with criminal wastage of funds that could have changed the lives of lacs of dalits by now.

Alliances are not going to work anymore in India, each alliance comes with baggage of compromises both, administrative, and developmental, the experience of the last elections, has shown how Lalu Prasad and Mulayam Singh and Paswan tried to blackmail congress over the seat sharing and ultimately the best step forward taken by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by just ignoring Lalu, and the brigade, has shown the stars with lost twinkle to Lalu ji and Paswan.

Could any of us imagine Lalu Prasad Yadav wiped off from Bihar, it happened with the courage of Political Wisdom. Mayawati Behen may be tough to handle but Lalu was toughest.

Maya Behen is tough nut. She has hijacked the Dalit Card and the Tent she is riding on the weakness on the poor dalits who are kept under siege from political mind games of Mayawati.

Congress is not an alien party to UP; this was the state which gave its tooth of power to Congress over decades in the past. Why not now.

Much has changed, the political game is set, and it is going to be a better performance by Congress under Rahul ji in UP this time.

Congress has to keep its house in order and the discipline and the touch of common man always alive with truthful desire to really change the conditions of the dalit and the backward and the minorities, and the poor in the society not just the dalit not just the minorities but the whole lot of Indians who suffer in the hands of Maya as of now, the lady is more than the Nawabs and Maharjas in the British raj.

The worst is the Rajas  and Nawabs  were checked by the British Might even though they were the expositors, but still there was some check this lady is Frontier Mail of Corruption and misuse of Public Money and a dance and  mockery laws on spending norms.

With money going in to elephants, Kashi Ram ji, and Maya Bhen statures and parks. The brain on Maya will be a good research material for understanding what one should not be.

Mulayam Sing ji , can do his home work and understand the change in mood  in UP.  Congress will go with thrust, and passion and new spirit and the renew youth force, with better bent of mind, bond to bring the change in UP, though UP is complex and remains like always a key state to frame the combination for power in Center in 2014.

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