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Modi is still Chairmen of IPL, while Tharoor is shown the door, Why ?

The Best news to hear more than Deccan Chragers winning IPL would be to hear IPL Chairman Sacked.

Corruption in all forms is condemable. Congress with an out look to go harsh has no option but to sidline Throor, and we also have to understand It is a oppertunity to make for BJP smile,  the BJP is playing its cards to embrase the UPA Govt is bigger surprise. than bigger failure of Tharoor.

This is first goat sacrifised in run to save the neck of Lalit Modi, Modi has the game which he is sucess fully playing to keep hold on IPL in my opinion Modi shoul have been stripped from psot of IPL chairmens post simultaniously with Throor.

A friend of mine from London Mr. Anil Sharma has to say this to one of my concerns on Modi

its true that tharoor is a small fly…and there are many more like modi who needed to be swated…have said earlier on FB that modi is another HARSHAD MEHTA… CATCH HIM AND BIN HIM NOW OR HE WILL SPREAD his virus among many more faces like tharoor…”

When Shashi Tharoor went to meet him and offered to quit on Sunday afternoon, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appeared emotional and told him he believed he was clean, but he had no choice in the face of an unrelenting opposition that was determined to embarrass the government and hold up important legislative business, sources said.

“The Prime Minister was emotional when he offered to resign. He has a personal liking for Tharoor,” sources with access to the former minister of state for external affairs said.

“But he was forced to let him go as a hostile opposition was clamouring for his resignation. His hand was forced as Tharoor’s resignation was the only way to break the parliamentary logjam,” the sources told IANS.

Had it not been for the parliamentary session, Tharoor would have ridden out the storm, the sources felt.

The Prime Minister’s reluctance to take a stand on Tharoor’s alleged link with Kochi’s IPL franchise amid a growing uproar was evident during his overseas trip to the US and Brazil last week. In Washington, the Prime Minister treaded cautiously when he was asked Wednesday on his comments about the Tharoor row, saying he will decide on the issue only after ascertaining facts.

Again, while returning from Brasilia on Saturday, he was cryptic in his reply when asked about the hullabaloo in parliament over the Tharoor issue. “In politics, ups and downs keep happening,” was all Manmohan Singh would say

There are reports of few more Ministers coming under scanner of IPL  Mega Galata. Goats to fall in big numbers, keep counting.

Prime Minister took right decision in side lining Throor,because of his involvement in the IPL matter,but the administration did nothing to sack and punish the main culprit of this game.

My Face Book friend Mr. Anwawr Kurshid  is of the openion that. “Lalit Modi, this guy with 4 billion dollar revenue of IPL had the biggest slice of the pie,not only this Modi is involved in taxevasion and other crimes,he should be arrested as we speak,my question is to the congress administration & the Prime Minister is ‘WHY THIS DOUBLE STANDARD’…I have a feeling all this investigation is going to land up in nothing and this man Modi will stil be running IPL. This makes me think how on the earth India can ever I mean ever eradicate corruption”

And Mr. Anil Sharma a Senior Advocate from UK  Supreme Court  with us on  facebook felt,

“I was a supporter of THAROOR..considering his achievements and role in UN.. BUT NOT ANY MORE….
he has captured the headlines from the past few weeks….and the contry was shocked with the facts…. what other things can fit in the meaning of ..’nuisance value..’he didnt deserve any chances ..and i am happy that the congress had the courage to take firm action aginst him..when the facts are clear where is the need to give benefit to doubt.. I am happy that THAROOR IS OUT.. lets try find more tharoors who are capable to hide their dishonest faces behind their experience, brilliant educational or professional achievements….`TODAY I CAN PROUDLY SAY….JAI HO CONGRESS”
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