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The Count down of Lalit Modi’s Exit Begins. Shashank Manohar may replace him as IPL Chief.

The Count Down for Modi's Exit Begins. Congress takes a stand, Zero tollerance for Corruption.

Lalit Modi is likely to quit his Indian Premier League posts after the tournament final this weekend, sources have said.

The sources said Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chief Shashank Manohar is expected to meet NCP chief Sharad Pawar in the Capital today. In a decision that will no doubt rub salt into Modi’s wounds, it’s arch-rival Manohar who is likely to head the IPL, which functions as a sub-committee of the BCCI.

Pawar had held an informal meeting with BCCI colleagues in Dubai, with Manohar on a conference call.

It is in media, that some sources have said  that the BCCI had decided Modi would have to step down as Commissioner and Chairman of the IPL.

Meanwhile, the polemics exchanged by Tharoor and Modi have led to a government decision to body-scan the IPL in its entirety, with special focus on who exactly bankrolls the different teams, and how.

In Parliament, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee announced that the crores poured into the billion-dollar league are being investigated, one cricket team at a time.

“The concerned department has already started investigation process (into the IPL episode). All aspects including sources of funding and routes through which the funds arrived would be looked into. Appropriate action as per law would be taken. No guilty or wrong-doer will be spared,” Mukherjee said on Monday, after the Opposition said the IPL was a mess of “gambling and betting.”
While Modi’s wounds are self-inflicted, the Congress will throw its entire weight behind ripping the bandage off.  Sources say that the Congress is keen to highlight that Tharoor, who was made to quit as minister of state for internal affairs on Sunday night, was not the only one who could be faulted for impropriety.  In Modi’s case, the charges will be far stronger.

A week ago, Modi unleashed upon the country, in a frenzy of tweets, the allegations that Tharoor lobbied for a consortium to win the Kochi IPL franchise because his girlfriend, Sunanda Pushkar, would be rewarded with equity worth 70 crores. The minister insisted he had done nothing wrong, telling  in an exclusive interview to a channel and that he would not resign.

Congratualtions to Congress and UPA

Congress takes a stand on Corruption. ie Zorro Tolerance for any form of Corruption in Pulbic LIfe. Good Job UPA and Congress, the jubiliant BJP will not have the last laugh they celebrated the exit of Tharoor. I am sure they will celebrate the exit of Modi.
Congress will celebrate the stand taken in both Tahroor and Modi.
This Nation with its Millions starving, with no proper basic eminities, like Food, Shelter,Water, Electricity and Medical aid. How can we allow Billions to be escaped un accounted. Rahul ji.
Three chears for you too for pushing for a Corruption free India.

The Count Down has began on Exit of Modi.  below are My postings of my blog  http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1294461941&ref=profile in order of latest to the oldest at the end.., in last ten days. of Modi IPL saga.

I am getting the air of satisfaction, as Congress and its commitment to eradicate Corruption from its roots looks to be serious in the minds of the Govt and the UPA. The leaders of Congress are getting in the act of sending right signal any delay in sacking Modi will be a wrong signal of having double standards. If Mr. Tharoor has been exited unceremonisly why Modi is given time, Game of IPL we go on may be better than in the hand of Modi. This man should go before the Finals of IPl in Mumbai. This will sent the right signal and will set jitters in to any more violators in the Modi Couturier.

Corruption zero tolerance for Corruption.

Corruption in all forms is condemnable. Congress with an out look to go harsh has no option but to sideline Thraoor, and we also have to understand it is a bigger Victory for BJP than bigger failure of Throor. This is first goat sacrificed in run to save the neck of Lalit Modi, Modi has the game which he is success fully playing to keep hold on IPL in my opinion Modi should have been stripped from post of IPL chairmen’s post simultaneously with Tharoor.

Boot out Modi Do not play behind the bushes.

Modi Has to go, IPL has to be put to a through scanner for mis appropriation, and tax evasion, all the allegations made by Kochi team owners on IPL Management to be probed. But all this cannot and should not happen when Modi is in the Chair and Chair man. His Chair has to be snatched and he should be dealt with strictest provision in law, immediately. The Cricket ing eternity will have to witness his end now before the IPL Semis Begin. The match to boot out Modi is more of concern and public and state Interest than the IPL it’s self.

Sunanda. and Tharoor  the Soft Target  for Congress

This is another example of a sacrifice by a woman to hold to her love. Tharoor is a lucky man he had Sunanda like friend who understood to make his feel free from embarrassment. Tharoor valued dignity and respect over money. The both chose to save their love and say no to embarrassments. Money can come and go but true love and feelings come only to the blessed. I do not life to blame this lady had she been adamant it would have costed the Minister his dignity and damaged him forever. Good Sunanda. You are a lady with wisdom you really love Tharoor.

Blast in Bangalore

IPL & BLASTS!!! Why are Lalit Modi & other powerful people not arrested yet??? What I hear in the news.the connection of Modi’s with the “OUT LAW ‘D’ COMPANY ” which was involved in previous blasts in Mumbai, the Media knows it, how come the Administration knowingly become unknown to it.It’s Time for Real Action, for Real Truth, to save the Indian people from the unnecessary burden & harassment of the Masses by the Few Powerful people… END THIS NOW.


The game of Cricket has never been as ashamed as this has been on the fall out with allegations, and investigation to probe the actions of Chairmen Lalit Modi and the Owners of IPL Teams. Money, Glamour, Politics, Corporate and Political Power, and mega set of celebrities from Cricket Playing Nations yet… they all failed to do one single job… Be transparent, and just.

Modi Jr. and his black tunnel of no end.

Trouble of Modi Junior, are far from getting over, there is a new entrain to the of Indian Paisa League. Paisa, Paisa aur Paisa.

There are grave shades emerging, in a nation which is struggling to give two meals a day to millions, in millions and millions with no place of shelter, with no basic medical access, with millions starving and millions at the brink of malnutrition.

Our Indian Paisa League is busy hoarding Piasa to make more Paisa. Whole is issue and whole of IPL is murkier than any of us expected. Modi was bent to divert and do the blame on Tharoor.

Modi’s Slaughter house, Man more goat to go.

Tharoor could have favored a team in the interest of his state Kerala, to strengthen his political base in Kerala, but he will not be found guilty of doing anything unconstitutional and out of the preview of parliamentary of constitutional authority as a Minister BJP is bent on making his the scope goat.

But the slaughter house King Pin is Modi only time will show how many goat he will slaughter to save his neck,.

Modi is believed to have been hell-bent on finding out not only the connection of the Rendezvous Team with Pushkar, but also the source of investments from the Gaekwads.

What still remains unclear is how sweat equity, which rules say can be allotted to only employees and directors of a company, has been given to Sunanda Pushkar who is not in the consortium.

As far as Lalit Modi is concerned, he too could soon be facing the heat from those who believe this is the right time to cut him down to size

Sharad Pawar Drops a Bomshell.

While politics and money take over the cricket of the IPL, more details are emerging on the closed door deal behind making of the Kochi team with the involvement of high and mighty in India’s cricket and politics.
On Thursday, Union Agriculture Minister and ICC President elect, Sharad Pawar dropped a bombshell after he said that as many as five members of the Kochi consortium had approached him and sought his to help them transfer the Kochi team to Ahmedabad.And although Pawar declined to name them, he nevertheless said that he advised them against going out of Kochi.

Shashi Throor a Clean Man  strained the Indian Corrupt Masters like Modi.

Mr. Throor, may be having his ways different, and maybe he is not best at the tricks or politics, and maybe he too in a way not able to defend in the manner we are used to, he is not a politician in the sense of the word in our part of the World.

But Lalti Modi has answers to give, and figures to put down if he is clean, let us make the IPL open to RTI exposure, and make the information public on all its transactions since its inception.

Personnel life of people we are not bothered what we are bothered about is how the Cricketing world of Indian Fans, sentiments, and accountability of all such public driven boards. IPL is money spinner, and Money and only Money game more than the game of Cricket. Come to save cricket and national pride.

When positions of power are head by Corrupt the result is Indian Paisa Looted IPL

Can Modi be trusted, how deep the connections of Modi family and friends go in making IPL like few call Indian Pariwar Leage, or the BJP calling it Indian Corruption Leage. Is the issue of Shashi Throor, and the Kochi triggered because Modi had his own plan and own favorites to win the team it was just by chance the owner now won Kochi Team.

Anil Sharma an Advocate and my Friend on Face book said.

who would wish to watch. If its aims are to benefit few pariwars..?? Ignore modi.he is like another HARSHAD MEHTA…

Brother Anil, I have watched his moves very closely since inception of IPL, and the saga of, security issues, in second, IPL, with P Chidambaram, when Chidambaram refused to extend security personnel’s for the matches due to additional sec unity forces where required for maintaining law and order during elections, and polling both grudging in 2009, Modi unilaterally shifted to South Africa, I am having reason to believe the shifting was not proper, as the common man of Indian the real cricket lover was deprived the thrill to see the game and his stars in action live, in his state or city. There has to be an enquiry, and this thing has to be brought in to RTI act preview. And all the transaction is made public. …

  1. April 21, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    The entire saga is getting murkier. Will we ever get back the game that we once loved in its pristine form…


  2. Arun
    April 22, 2010 at 10:28 am

    Modi is a real key player for IPL. Not Shashank Manohar. Modi is own mind develop the IPL. Please don’t change franchise people, because u invested the money, not BCCI. So support Modi.

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