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World in grip of Natures Fury, Introspection Time for Mankind.

Valconic Erruptions in the form of Clouds

Valconic Ash Erruptions in the form of Clouds, that parlalised more than  half of Europe and Cancelled More than 19000 flights, and effected  billions worth business, and stranded & made home less thousands. Mankind busy looking at material resons to correct,the fact is we are giving pass to evils and sins in us, and disobidiance to our Creator.

Creator is Angry, our Sins have surpassed all limits of disobedience to creator of Universe.  We have to inrospect, to save this planet Earth. Or I fear this is  a warning of the worst from God Almighty.

The Nature’s fury is on by the tick of the watch for more than a year now, in various natural calamities, Earth quakes, tsunamis, landslides, droughts, floods, epidemics, volcanoes, Rains, Heat waves, and many more, across continents, and across social structure.

Does it not declare and expose our lowering levels of morality, obediance and fading spirituality levels and rememberance of God ?

And as thought in the scriptures are we the Mankind on a path of disobedience, and disrespect to the laws of its Creator God. Are we not under the siege of fury of nature and anger of its Creator for not being obedient and in rush to surpass the one another in acts of sin and evil deeds. May God Help us all, and save Earth and pardon us all for our evil deeds. And make us change our mean and acts, help bring us back to the path of shown by God and his messengers. Amin

Washington, Apr 20 (PTI) The Iceland’s volcanic plume, which kept many flights grounded in Europe, has left about 40,000 Americans stranded in Britain, the White House said, adding it is working with the State Department to quickly bring them back home.

“I think there are approximately about 40,000 Americans in England that are trying, because of the disruption in air travel, to get back to this country,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.

“We are working closely with the State Department to examine all the opportunities that we have to speed this process along, understanding that some people may have gone on vacation, they’re running out of medicine, they don’t have a place to stay,” he said.

Gibbs said that the White House and the US Ambassador to Britain are working together to find out ways to facilitate return of its people.

  1. A.K. Mansoor
    April 21, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    ASAK. It was pleasure to speak to you on phone. I think the case of the marriage of Sania and shoeb was over sold. Hence i suggested to discus things other than a person’s privacy. I feel I am right at feeling so. Thanks for taking a note of my suggestion.

    You have rightly said that our deeds are getting bad to worse and God the Omnipotent has just shown signs of wrath and displeasure. These are just signs of wrath. if the true wrath descends then there wont be any shelter any where. The destruction of Aad, Samood,and the people of Lot(PBUH)could be taken as a lesson and seek refuge of Allah from all kinds of misdeeds and shirk. may Allah keep us on the path of the righteous. Aameen!

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