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27 cricketers are being investigated for match-fixing during IPL2. Allegations of betting involving Lalit Modi.

This is it, stripped to the last, where is Cricket If this is what IPL was all about these years, cancel the Finals. for Tomarrow. Who knows that may be fixed too. Do not play with the sentiments of Indian Fans. do some thing. Scrap the Finals of Tomarrow.

MEDIA REPORTS  23TH April Delhi. on IPL Match Fixing. Allegations.

Delhi businessman, Samir Thukral, possibly served as a betting front for Modi, says the report. Thukral’s cellphone records are being scanned.

The owners of different IPL teams have expressed their unhappiness with reports of match-fixing; they want clarifications as soon as possible. Jay Mehta, co-owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders, told NDTV, “If the match-fixing reports are correct, I will fight with Modi.” Mehta described Modi as a friend, and the reason he invested in the IPL. He also said Modi alone is responsible for the success of the IPL, but is now being made the scapegoat for the financial crisis engulfing the sport.

“I do not know who is talking about this match fixing and how they have come to such conclusions. These are pretty serious allegations. My team was also playing in South Africa & we reached the final. And if someone tells me that my team did not reach the final on merit then I’d feel terribly insulted,” Royal Challengers Bangalore owner Vijay Mallya reacted to the IPL match-fixing reports.

The IPL, earlier celebrated as an infusion of cricket, fans, and Bollywood has been passing through its darkest hour, ever since IPL Chairman unloaded on twitter revelations that forced Shashi Tharoor to resign as minister, put Modi’s own job on the line, and forced Parliament to confront the very real possibility of senior politicians holding dangerously vested interest in a sport that is bursting at the seams with crores (the Indian cricket board is the richest in the world).

The government has ordered a wide inquiry involving the Income Tax Department and the Enforcement Directorate. Among the charges are foreign exchange violations, tax evasions, proxy ownership of different teams, and sweet deals for relatives and friends of politicians and cricket organizers and administrators.

The centrifugal force for Operation Clean-up Cricket is undoubtedly Modi. In addition to triggering the inquiry with his feckless tweets, his own financial history seems delinquent.  Operating allegedly as a lone ranger, his colleagues in the IPL’s governing council say, he has engineered deals that they were not aware of. Crores are reportedly unaccounted for. Contracts for TV rights to the matches were signed, cancelled, and then re-signed for stratospheric amounts with Modi’s family members and friends are part-owners of three teams, and they allegedly got discounted rates, among other favours.

In an interview to NDTV, IPL Governing Council member Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi said that of the many problems that the IPL is riddled with, it’s the prospect of match-fixing that worries him the most. (Read & Watch: A committee should replace Modi, says Pataudi)

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    April 24, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    yes, sir any forth coming IPL game must be cancelled till things are right.

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