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Modi go go go…. when will he be gone. IPL Mess is bigger than imagined. Why can’t govt pull shutters on IPL for now ?

The Mess is bigger than any of us could imagine, I am very happy that efforts of some bold journalism and social networking sites like this on of ours FB and twitter.

This issue gained momentum and I am thankful to all those people who contributed and have shared their views on this most murky affairs of IPL, the depth of its filth is not yet known, almost all the owners, and most of the people involved including the governing body need to answer certain tough question to the people of India.

How on earth all this was going on and none had a clue of the misappropriate moves and not very clean transactions both in nation and external foreign funding on by the front players for unknown sources of funding…. hoooh this need total flushing of all records and sources and put a seal on all offices of IPL from Monday once the IPL final is over for IPL3 .

And IPL should be  put to scrutiny all acts, and transactions, and reserves of funds and there sources and where they are parked.

Modi after the grilling session of two hours by the IT authorities in Mumbai, has gone to meet Mukesh Amabani, what transpired between the both is not known.

All friends of Modi like Sunil Gawasker, Mansoor Ali Khan Patuadi and Farooq Abdullah have more or less backed out.

Even the team owners who were singing support for Modi are feeling the heat of IT raids and are taking a stand of staying with the word of BCCI in respect to the successor of Modi.

Earlier they were not in consensus to the name of Mr. Shashank Manohar the chief BCCI, are now siding with  the BCCI and will not oppose the selection of BCCI.

The Man Modi still pretend to have not read the writing on the wall ” MODI YOU ARE SACKED” May Knock the doors of HC for declaring the meeting of IPL Governing Council as illegal.

The war in the Cricket Board intensified today with Lalit Modi planning to move court against the Governing Council meeting that may oust him from the post of IPL Commissioner as BCCI accused him of hiding details of stake holding by his relatives in franchises.

The embattled Modi was tonight said to be considering moving the Bombay High Court seeking an injunction against the April 26 meeting where Governing Council member M A K Pataudi says he would be ousted if he keeps away.

Some top lawyers are expected to appear for Modi who has contended that the Monday meeting was illegal as only he had the power to convene it.

BCCI President Shashank Manohar shed his reticence to attack Modi who had threatened to reveal details of franchise ownership. He also rejected Modi’s contention on the meeting and said it would go ahead as scheduled on Friday

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