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Is Modi above Law, Has IPL Success costing us Values and Trasparency in Public Life ?

April 27, 2010 2 comments

IPL 2010 closing ceremony, the billion dollar are more brand IPL, was this empire build costing the Indian Nation its Vaues, and Trasparency pormoting Corruption in a game which is like a religion for its people.

This Country has proved it many a times the rich and the powerful have been taken to task and pulled and punished for breaking laws regularly.

Here the case was so many, so many very rich, very popular, very influential and very powerful joined hands  on a very challenging job of setting up IPL which they did and brought it to levels which India had not seen before.

But…But… they all forgot there are limits and checks and crosschecks and rules to be followed. In the rush to make big big money under the shield of IPL success they committed themselves to acts which they thought are manageable.

But destiny and People like Tahroor who was the odd man in the ring as he happed to be out spoken and broadly transparent in fact triggered the whole “Pot of Evils to leak and eventually break in to peaces spilling all the filth all over”One good man Tharoor, though he has allegation on his head was enough to trigger the fallout…  There is no comparison to Tharoor to Modi.

Tharoor went with grace and he will be winning elections and people will be with him and our great Modi even in disgrace is acting like a victor only time will teach him right lessons, just wait for the time to pass. Read more…

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