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In Desire of Continuation of Sin, Denying Day of Judgment, they Perish.

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Oh Allah, save us from the fire of Hell, and protect my deeds to make it haram on us. Oh Allah raise us with the righteous on the Day of Resurrection. Amin.


Most under the sky and on the earth, in heart of heart know and accept there is Creator to this whole universe and he is all-knowing and all-powerful, they also call him in hours of despair and most of them forget him in the times of comfort and worldly gains and pleasures.  

How are we, as human beings going to account of this disparity in our approach towards our creator and sustainer. We know most in us forget that we all are born with a drop of an unclean, sperm, developing in a lump like a leach and progress in forms and proportion to as a human body with a soul as a male or as a female.

Who has protected us in the wombs of our mother, and who has fed us and allowed to us progress as an infant in to a full fledged human being,  with all senses, understanding of good and the bad, and  who gave power to read understand and reason on the creations of Allah in this world so perfect and so logical.  Providing us all what we need and all that we desire and all that we ask form Him. Yet, many in us, Men and Women, refuse to appreciate and accept and bow to him in all humility and ask for his guidance and help in all matter of our stay on the mortal and ending earth. Read more…