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In Desire of Continuation of Sin, Denying Day of Judgment, they Perish.

Oh Allah, save us from the fire of Hell, and protect my deeds to make it haram on us. Oh Allah raise us with the righteous on the Day of Resurrection. Amin.


Most under the sky and on the earth, in heart of heart know and accept there is Creator to this whole universe and he is all-knowing and all-powerful, they also call him in hours of despair and most of them forget him in the times of comfort and worldly gains and pleasures.  

How are we, as human beings going to account of this disparity in our approach towards our creator and sustainer. We know most in us forget that we all are born with a drop of an unclean, sperm, developing in a lump like a leach and progress in forms and proportion to as a human body with a soul as a male or as a female.

Who has protected us in the wombs of our mother, and who has fed us and allowed to us progress as an infant in to a full fledged human being,  with all senses, understanding of good and the bad, and  who gave power to read understand and reason on the creations of Allah in this world so perfect and so logical.  Providing us all what we need and all that we desire and all that we ask form Him. Yet, many in us, Men and Women, refuse to appreciate and accept and bow to him in all humility and ask for his guidance and help in all matter of our stay on the mortal and ending earth.

We are busy finding for our needs and means small and big  to get salvation and support from mortal few, when we know none is above the laws of the nature, and all humans are just subjects in the hands of the all-powerful almighty God. 

The books of guidance are the guides to all; God did not just load us with this world and its responsibilities and joys, and pains. He has time and again though his Messengers and his books with clear Message has guided us and shown us the path to take and to get the reward for him in the manner people before us have.  

He  has stopped us for doing wrong and refrained us form comiting any  Sin and Evil  deeds and acts, and adviced us to be obidient to this Messenger and to the Messages in the books reveled by him. 

There is a clear division between the people who do Well and the people who do Bad…And the people who do well can not be the same as the people who do Bad.    

The force which pulls us repeatedly away from the fact which is known to us, about our creator and his power over us and the fact that no logic or discipline survives without accountability and rewards and punishments.  

Be the disciplined and faithful  or rebellions and unfaithful to a system, there is a system fixed to punish and reward for the deeds done. 

And now the design of Allah the creator of the universes and the master of the Day of Judgment has set certain clear dividing lines between the faithful and the rejecters of his message.

The verses of  The Quran  Book  of Guidance and Mercy for  Mankind says in chapter  Al- Qayamamh  Chapter  75 verses 1 to  6  probe  in to the hearts of the sinners and how they deny the day of resurrection, which is a truth, and promise from our Creator. 

Verse 1 to 6 of chapter 75 Quran Al Hakeem. 

“I swear by the Day of Resurrection and I swear by the reproaching soul [to the certainty of resurrection Does man think that We will not assemble his bones?  Yes. [We are] Able [even] to proportion his fingertips.  But man desires to continue in sin.  He asks, “When is the Day of Resurrection?” 

This is open challenge to the mankind from their Creator and a Medicine to the disbelieving for the promised Day of
Resurrection, to call him to the path of piety and truth and to refrain from falling on path of desire and continuation of sins.

Sins That are Sure to pull him to the hell fire to perish forever and ever,  for not taking head in the warning open and clear with signs so open for him to see. 

Yet in his stubbornness of soul in a mode of denial he is in mood to God forbid , to  mock… asks “Where is the Day of Resurrection?

God answers to this mindless creature in verses 7 to 11 of Chat 75 in Quran. As below

“So when vision is dazzled. And the moon darkens. And the sun and the moon are joined and Man  will say on that Day, “Where is the [place of] escape?”.  No! There is no refuge.” 

He will only be causing himself a un repairable loss, Then when the appointed hour comes  “The Day of Judgment” he will be asking for refuge and there shall be no refuge for him.  This will be day which will not be reversed and the time of judgment had reached and  can not be  reversed.  

God will not do unjust.  He will reward the faithful and the good who lived life’s in obedience to Him and followed His Messengers and were not slaves to the evil desires and  not deviated from the truth under the influence of the Shaitan and his bonds men, and delusions of the mortal life on earth. 

But for the rejectors of  the day day of Judgment. It will be too late and the fire of hell will be the home for them and they will live there in to the blazing fire in depths of screams asking for death but in vain death will not come and the burning skin will melt and will reform to keep the body alive to feel the pain unending.  

Oh God save us all from the hell fire, and hold our sins off. 

And guide us to the limits you formed, and give us right wisdom to see the pleasures of  life after death and the  infinite pleasure and with approval of Creator, to enjoy in the premise of the Eternal Home of Heaven.  

Let us say No to Sin. and understand the fake means of the pleasures desired by us in the mortal life, which will sure pull us to the fires of hell. 

Only our acts in compliance to the wish of creator will take us to heaven and make us the pleasured habitants of Heaven forever and ever in life after this life. Amin.

“Is not that [Creator] Able to give life to the dead?”       verse 40 chapt 75.  Yes He will and he Can we a faithful accept and wait for the hour to come. 

Fear The Creator God, Allah, and get ready for, entering to the life of eternity, in departure of  the life on earth.  

And may we all join with  the ones who are the companions of  Heaven and not the companions of Hell.  Amin


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