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Countering Conspiracy against Religions of the World. Fear Rules Why ?

May 2, 2010 1 comment

Are there forces working to defame Religions of the World. So that the Evil rules the World

In a world filled with hate, unrest, fear, and terror, we are expected to think for peace, security and happiness for all. The world is in the grip of fear more than any thing else. The terror touched thousands, security is touching millions but fear is touch each one of us.

Which country which Religion which Color, or in which part of the World we life.  No nation today, no society today is not totally free from this most heinous  notion driven in the minds of most of us in the World and this is done by none other than our  Own Men.  Our own fellow human beings.

The subject under discussion, raises various questions and arguments.   How, correct or how wrong this fact is in some manner or the other we are, under various influences are trying to link most of the  activities and ideologies which are heniously trying to challenge the peaceful living of innocent people and different  parts of the World. Read more…