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Religions for Better Understanding & Peace. Imam Bashar Arafat, Heads the talk.

The Religous, Hormony, at its best, We the People of the World who believe in God, are comitted to shun and defeat the forces of Evil on Earth. FAPCCI Hyderabad on 3rd May 2010, All Religions give message of One God, Peace, Brotherhood, Tolerance, Service to Mankind and Service to the Nation.

Hyderabad got lucky last Monday, 3rd May 2010  When an effort was successfully made by Cova, an Organization which is makeing  society lift its head with pride by working on several issues concerning  all   in association with  Public Affairs, section fo  US Consulate General In Hyderabad. Cova organised a Iner Faith Religous Dialogue with Chief Speaker Mr. Bashar Imam.

In the opening remarks by Me ( Adil Mohd M H)  to this aghast gathering of some many highly spiritual and learned scholars of religions of the World, in the presence of  Imam Mohammed  Bashar Arafat, Founder of Civilizations exchange and Co-operation Foundation, USA, and the  Public Affairs Officer of US Consulate In Hyderabad  Mrs. Juliet Wurr. 

It was a challenge for me to give an appropriate opening to such an important event which was taking place for the first time with an open mind and with a noble intention to open a dialogue to find ways and means in which the Religions of the World can come together to work for peace in the World. Opening my talk,  just a day after the Laughing day celebration in the World.  I said ” Yesterday was laughing day. I do not see any very good reason for the world to be so happy and laughing, under the circumstances we are meeting under this roof today, to counter and find means and possibilities to bring peace, in a world which is threatened by evil forces, across the length and breadth of the globe.”   

Speaking on the conditions we life today. ” Terror attacks may kill hundred. The security threat in cities may disturb  few lakhs. But Fear is with each one of  us in  any part of the World.   Each is  living under Fear, of  getting exposed to the acts of evil elements”

We have to understand the force of Evil in World is targeting the Religions and people who spread peace and unity among civilizations and cultures. The Challenge today is how to stop the forces which are up against the good and are promoting the bad.

If  Religious leaders, do not act with conviction and spread the word of tolerance, wisdom, work towards understanding and learning, and making it possible for to break the barriers between Religions and work jointly to crush the forces which are busy showing the Religions of the world in bad light so that the true followers of these Religions get alienated.

The need is to work, to formulate a continuous dialogue between the religious leaders, and educating their respective followers the importance of tolerance and brother hood, we should break and clear all apprehensions and build a society on the foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Religious leaders need to travel extensively, and learn to appreciate the changing cultures rather than keeping themselves confined to    their own faith, said Imam Mohamad Bashar Arafat, the Founder of the Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation, United States of America.

Initiating the Round Table Dialogue on ‘Securing Peace through Religions: Challenges for Religious Leaders’ organised by Interfaith Forum of COVA in association with the Public Affairs section of the U.S.Consulate General, Hyderabad, Mr. Arafat urged the Imams to visit other countries to understand how faiths are practised there, and to “enjoy the beauty of the time, beauty of the place and beauty of the religion”.

Harking back to his own training in religious schools of Syria, Mr. Arafat quoted his teacher’s advice before his travel to USA.

“Don’t feel obligated to follow me cent per cent. Once you are in America, do what you feel is appropriate.”

Majority of the religious leaders in USA who had earlier kept to themselves, were forced to open their mosques and interact with public in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks in order to defend their own religion and culture, he said, and sought to ask why they could not do it before.

Putting ‘the spiritual’ ahead of ‘the literal’, he said following divine virtue is more important than merely sticking to the religious practice.

Attributing the contemporary turmoil to ‘conflict of interests’ rather than the ‘conflict of civilisations’, he said some discordant elements used religion to promote their own agenda.

Pastor P. Prabhakar Rao, opined that religious heads should have a prophetic vision to assess beforehand the factors that would be affecting people.

“Reading of the Bible would be incomplete if you don’t read the daily newspaper,” he quoted, and said religious leaders should associate actively with political parties that promote peace and harmony.

Vittal Rao, President of Arya Samaj, attributed violence to the exploitation of masses by the elite. Hence, it is the bounden duty of a religious leader to work for justice, he said.

Mr. Turab of COVA thanked the delegates and the chief Speaker and the Officer on Public Affairs, Mrs. Juliet Wurrr. of US Consulate Hyd.

  1. Rafique
    May 6, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    It is yet, another a marvelous effort by Cova, by bringing illuminaries & scholars from different religions under common roof & share of word of ‘peace as the common tenent’ without which any religion would cease to exist.
    It is high time as narrated by you that Religious Leader should come out of their shell & speak about Humanity, Love, Peace & Understanding.
    Lets give us Lord the Almighty Allah a reason to shower his Blessing in form of Peace by coming together exchanging views, devising ways & dispelling doubts amongst each other.
    “Let the diplomats revel in politics, Love is my message till the remotest shore !!!

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