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Indians see “Gallows for all Kasabs” faith in Judiciary will live.

If we like to maintain the law and order and deter the evil mongers among us we need to hang them, too. This is a very small price to check the growing disrespect for law. Islam wants us to hang the killers of innocent people. The judgement on Ksab in compliance with Islamic Law.

Media is in debate on the Kasab Judgment to Hang. The debates can go on and on. The fact is Islam has upheld such judgments.  As per the Islamic law the guilty for killing of innocent people, after a fair trial has always shown the gallows to hang.

The capital punishment is to protect the society for evil and its effects. I am witness to hanging of several such criminals who took the law of the land in to their hands in a Country like Saudi Arabia. Were hanged.

I am eye-witness to hangings at Deraah. In Riyadh KSA. For offences proved to be punishable with punishment as harsh as handing.

This is needed to keep the society healthy. Kasab was no angel he was a criminal who was given a fair trial and is found guilty of killing

innocent people and raging war against the state. The Judgement is right he with many such should be shown the gallows. ASAP

There are voices, from various sections of the Indain community.Way the culprits of Sikh riots, in Delhi, the Babri Masjid, Malegoan, Pariament House, Graham Strains killings in Orrisa, Mecca Masjid and Malegaaon have not seen the light of Justice ?

Judiciary is above all these people. There is law in this land, if there was not such law, you will not have people like Anju Sharma, the IPS office from UP testifying in front of the courts against the those who were insighting and were involved ,who were present at the time of the most unfortunate act of religious, disrespect of recent times, all of them are not off the clutches of law.

Same goes with the killers of Graham Stiains, in Orrise, Parliament House, Mecca Masjid and many such.  In case of   Sadhvi Pragay and Proohit they are cooling their heels in jails law is tightening its grip on them, recent investigations and leads point towards them in Mecca Masjid and Ajmer Sharif blast too in which innocent people were killed too.

Just be patient. This is India, none can negate the fact that the judiciary has made us feel proud of our system which has given fair chance to a person like Kasab. We all know Kasab was a killer, and he has killed innocent people Muslims, Hindus, and Christian, indiscriminately people who lost their lives were just human beings and innocent.

In Islam to killing of a human being is like killing of whole mankind. Have patience this act special court on Kasab is president for us Indian to demand fast track focused courts to act immediately on Babri Masjid, Malegaon, Delhi Blast, and Gujrat Roits, Maoists Massacre and Riots in many other places of the county to focus and get verdicts in bonded time.

We are Indians, we will be tough  on terror, yet we will not allow an innocent to be punished,  for us any person from inside or outside will have to be punished and punished fast for breaking the laws and killing innocent people and challenging the state of India, yet we will give him a chance to defend and prove if he is innocent.

As is seen in the case of Kasab, none can accuse India with not giving fair chance to him. There is appeal and mercy too. But people like Kasab deserve no mercy.

    May 9, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    Whether it is Ajmal Qasab or Sadhivi Ritambara or or any John, the guilt should be proven beyond doubt to send some body to the gallows or death chamber. If there is even a little doubt, then there is a chance that a wrong person is hanged. In many cases initially some persons linked with some terror group were booked and later investigations lifted the veil from entirely different faces and groups. The law enforcement and investigative agencies must do thorough work before they send somebody to jail. In this regard I would also request the scribes and other members of the media to be cautious in painting pictures. They must not write any thing without investigation, just to increase the readership and TRP.

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