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Hyderabad ko kiski nazar lag gayee ? Kaun hain woh log, jo iss Sheher Main, Aman Nahin Chate ?

A Hyderabad elderly person in a state of shock at the way Hyderabad is being put to discomfort. He has many unanswered question in him mind.

Hyderabad, ko kisi ki nazar lag gayee. Kaun hai who log jo  es Sher main  Aman Nahin Chatee. This is the question in every Hyderabadis mind today. One more act of heinous crime. By suspected activists, Reports say a un identified men fired on a constable in Shailbanda area on Friday. Unfortunately a Police Constable on Duty serving the People lost his life. The investigation is on by the Police. This  was my first reaction to the news of shoot out in Sahlibanda in Old City of Hyderabad on last Friday late afternoon.

 Some reacted  to this incident by saying   “But also terrible is how innocent persons are arrested, tortured, giving electric shocks, their lives destroyed for acts of terrorism that have now been traced to saffron terror outfits. The state that finished their lives must be made accountable, for their rehabilitation and future” A friend of mine  Sanjay Ahuja, advised don’t believe in rumors; Indian police is not allowed to use electric current… if someone uses it… is doing so illegally…And can be charged.

 We as responsible citizens of India we should help protect  honor of our nation and work towards eradication of whatever ills are in to plague our peacful living, there is nothing wrong in Hindus/Muslims.  These are the weapons of people in postion, radicals, and oppertunists  they earn their meals by dividing the society and we should do the reverse to nullify their effec thier desings to divide.

 The police need to be very cautious in reaching to conclusions with out very clear and concrete proofs, CD’s or any such material can be to divert the attention from the real culprits, we  know police is under pressure to reach to conlussions and give results on such an act where in a innocent police man lost his life to the bullet of a antisocial enemy of mankind, In anxiety to reach to quick conclusions we should not dis – repsect  human rights.

Just a day before this incident took place and a innocent Ramesh Constable who’s loved ones are put to hardship by a unknown bulltet.  there was a story on one of  the reputed national channel on the claims by few Hindu  fundamental organizations claiming to be   capable  to do acts of terror and intentions to distrupt peace and damage lifes and porpterty for a cost with out any hasitation can disrupt  communal harmony and peace in the country, Have  the authorities  booked those who spoke on cameras such intentions, aganist the unity of Indian Nation.   The news was shocking millions watched, this should be kept in mind too while investigaing the Shoot Out by the SIT officials.

The initial remarks by the authorites  say a most wanted criminal by the name Shabuddin, who was involved in similar acts earlier on police is the suspect no. 1.  The names of such people have nothing to do with Mulisms and Hnidus. the responsibity to catch and check such elements is not on the Polcie.     The police should not put to discomfort, some in community be it HIndu or Mulsim  with out concrete proof, that will be worst thing to do, this way we will alliniate the youth from the fold of reasoning andjustice and make them rebillions.

 No amount of reasoning will justify killing of innocent person. The people who have engineered the Mecca Masjid and Dargah Ajmer Shariff blasts are getting exposed, the recent revelations of linking HIndu fundamentalist hand in both the acts of terror in Mecca Masjid and Dargah Ajmer Sharief. Is know to all.  Terrorist are just terrorist they are not Hindus and Muslims. they like to cal them selfs as one of them only to please the master they work for and to divide the nation on communal lines. Who is dividing on communal lines. ?

The reason and motive behind yesterday killing of police personnel is still under investigation. It is expected of the Responsible Police Commissiner Mr. A  K  Khan to  expose the  real group or individual who has done this cowardish act of killing a police constable  on duty service the people.

 In Hyderabad nothing can be said with conviction.  As the forces working in this area are many. Some opportunistic, some anti social, some linked to radical organizations both Muslim and Hindu, some are against the few individuals in power and some supported by individuals outside the state having connections in the state. The niddle can be pointed in any direction. The duty of the polcie is to point in the direction of guilty only, and to not embrass the whole community with no falt of thier is cuold be a grave voilation of  basic norms of  natural justice and means adopted to reach to a just reasoning.

It will be very easy for any group to do heinous act and blame it on others. It is rivalry and deep conspiracy and power of evil intentions. The target is state of AP and its ongoing saga of various conflicts with in the state unfortunately.

 The wisdom is not prevailing, ture but then, why should the innocent suffer. And the people of Hyderabad made to pay and their minds hijacked. Why. Raise your voice against the system

 Mr. Anwar Kursheed from Ontario an expert in National and International affairs and specifically human rights and it a keen follower of events in India has to say this.

“I doubt what the Intelligent community can do can’t do, nothing has substantially come out of the recent riots incident in spite of all the claims now this shoot out, killing an innocent police man who was just performing his duty to protect the citizen of the city…something seriously wrong with the entire structure. My heart is felt for the fallen police constable, may he rest in peace and may GOD be with his family in this difficult time…Ameen”

 Security is once again at its low, this may put to pressure a set of people under scanner again. As always my contention is do not reach to conclusions and do not link any act of terror or crime to any section of society not Hindu not Muslim they are enemies of mankind and Nation. I plead to

The govt and authorities to be very cautious before you have witnesses and concrete proofs of a person or a group. Hyderabad is at its worst politically and regionally and security wise any one does it and easily blames on any one he likes. Please be cautious in statements which may hurt and disturb minds of innocent.

Some in us reacted by saying,  hope that these people are brought to Justice and this matter is resolved.

More education, tolerance and respect and responsibility for all must be created.

 The system is corrupt and the political groupings are on the lines to polarize Indians to divide for ends to benefit one group or the other. Crime is Crime. A criminal or a terrorist, or a revenge drive acts are can also be engineered to support ends to lead to a situation where in the engineering master mind behind these pawns has big stakes at risk.

The power of money, power of authority, and power of mind influence ruling in the world everywhere. A Muslim or a Hindu, label is need of such opportunist to keep the ball of uncertainty and fear alive make the boats of evil desires reach to the shores. The authorities to reach to pre set conclusion will only pollute the minds of the investigation officials.

  1. Ahmed Mustafa
    May 19, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Justice delayed is Justice denied! In Indian there are more no. of cased pending then the convict criminals. A statistics shows that there are 69.86% cases which has yet not started for years. If the justice delivery system is not functioning properly or is insufficient then the daily happenings that are going on is very obvious. Now that the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Hussainara Khatoon (II) v. Home Secretary, State of Bihar case declared that Right to Speedy trial is a Fundamental Right under Article 21. but we see that still many young boys are still behind the bars. Now the answer is a clear polity in the name of a commission. and these commission takes decades after decades to give its report.

    At the same time we citizens should have compassion and tolerance, but not tolerance with justice – tolerance with justice is the root cause of all these.

  2. suk
    May 23, 2010 at 5:09 pm


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