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” Is Sonia Gandhi Living Legacy of Indira Gandhi ? ”

Sonia in Centre seen with Mother Inlaw Late Indira Gandhi, Husband Late Rajiv Gandhi Son Rahul with Rajiv, Priyanka in front of her. Also seen are Maneka Gandhi behind Sonia and Varun Gandhi left of Indira. See the amount of sacrifice of Gandhi's and Sonia. Sonia lost most in her Rajiv and Indira.

A  Friend of Mine who is from Bihar now staying in Canada by Name Anwar Khurisheed  has commented on one of my articles in this week on  YSR jr.  He wrote. “am little concern over congress high commands over congress dealing with prominent state leaders.

Like Janga Mohan Reddy in AP is not first state, High command & INA IN Delhi had serious conflict and problems in other state to, Recently, a little more than a month back there was differences & complication between Mr.Jagdish Tytler and congress chief of Bihar Pradesh Congress committee, Where assembly Election is right at the corner in November…

How Congress is going obtain majority in States and on national front when” THE STATE OF THE CONGRESS AUTHOROTIES IN THE CENTER IS NOT IN A GOOD STATE ITSELF “They need to have a ‘INDIRA GANDHI’ approach to deal with party leaders, OR the absence of congress is going to be felt again as after the Death of Indira ji & Rajiv ji

In my reply to him I wrote.

Brother Khursheed, it is true Congress has tough shoulders to its big leaders in many instances, it happened in Bihar, In Maharashtra with Sharad Pawar, with few more. The choice these people give congress are little too. We have to see, Congress has to survive on the merits of its performance, its cadre, and it politics of holding control in states at all costs.
There are many factors that make Congress act in a situation, one of the major factors is how a person or a leader in State or Centre effect the smooth functioning of the basic ideology of Congress, that is complete submission to the will of High command, no resistance to the line taken by the leaders at the top, never embarrass the party in public and media, recently we have seen in the leader ship of Dr, Sing and Sonia ji.

There is almost no tolerance to inefficiency and in discipline in party affairs. Performing are given long rope as in the case of Rajsheker Reddy he was given full support and respect for his decision both political and administrative.

Sonia Gandhi has tons and tons of patience and her tact is effective but not the harsh way, She dumps individuals in mind, with not words to indicate she has dumped but, allows the individual to commit several mistakes and also gives him or her time to correct, most of the time the individuals misunderstand and commit mistakes after mistakes and land in to a point of no return and have no choice but to quit on their own, by this time the people also realize the individual is wrong and ultimately dump him.

Indira ji was a great leader, now in present day politics she also would have acted like Sonia ji does, Sonia is an improved version of Indira ji.

  1. Ahetesham siddiqui
    June 13, 2010 at 9:54 am

    u have got a very perfect analysis….

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