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Turkey talks tough and Isreal on back foot. World waiting to see how Obama treats Isreal ?

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Isreali Army on the Boat devasted by them killing more than 15 people un confirmed reports say they are many injured too. All the people on the boat were NGOs carry humanitarian aid to the victims of Gaza.

In Tel Aviv, ( Media Reports )  In Tel AvivIsrael, demonstrators gathered in front of the Turkish Embassy carrying signs that said “Provocation is not a way for peace” and “Erdogan-Islamo-fascist” in reference to Turkey’s president, according to Ynet, Israel’s largest news website.  This is the same old story do it and deny it. by Isreal.

At an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting called by Turkey, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu accused Israel of piracy and “murder conducted by a state.”

“No state is above the law,” Davutoglu said, adding that “Israel must be held accountable for its crimes.”

Turkey also recalled its Israeli ambassador, canceled three planned joint military exercises with Israel and called for Israel to apologize.

Israeli officials, while avoiding much direct criticism of Turkey, made clear that they believed the flotilla was a thinly disguised effort to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Read more…

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Amrican reaction is awaited on Isreali attack on Boat carrying humanitarian supplies for Gaza. Turkey Threatens Action against Isreal.

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Why there are no hearing ears for these protests ? Why Double Standards ? and Why Irsreal Does not Behave as a Responsible Member of World community ? Why UN is snubbed by Israel every time ? When will America act on its own words to protect the innocent ? The Humanitarian help workers are killed and will Isreal not be pinned yet ?

The response of United Sates of America on most henious act by its close ally Isreal is yet to come. 

This is time America and its President Barack Obama should live up to the expectations they build to protect the innocent.

This is the time to reasert its authority which it calims as the most powerful, political, military,diplomatic power and massiah of Humanity and saviour of the people who are in agony and suppressed and are targetedby the  un just people.

Israel is in a fix, the world has condemned and are cautions in their statements. US has to act and nail Israel in a manner it learns to honour and respect the international laws and resolutions, and learn to live as a responsible member of the world community. Read more…

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