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Obama delighted to visit India in November. So are Indians, to see him on Indain Soil.

(Obama with S M Krishna and H Clinton) India is one of the centres of influence in the 21st century. Relationship between India and US is unique due to sharing of common interest, values and deep connections among our people," said Barack Obama.

 US President Barack Obama has said he is proud to visit India as he announced his travel plans to the country in early November. 

“During his State Visit, the Prime Minister (Dr  Manmohan  Singh) graciously invited me and my family to visit India this year, and I happily accepted. And as I confirmed to him when we spoke last week, I’m delighted to announce tonight that I plan to visit India in early November,” he said. 

 “So I look forward to advancing our partnership, to experiencing all that India and its people and its incredible ancient culture have to offer,” Obama said at a reception hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in honour of External Affairs Minister, S M Krishna, at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State Department. 

This will be a great opportunity for Indians to see and hear,  best orator and thinker of our times Obama. Obama  understands and speaks  great sense of responsibility. Barack Hussein Obama, the President of America the first Afro-American, who broke the racial divide and united American under the pledged to change the way America and American think and act.  

I am sure many  will  agree with me,  Obama  President who has worked very hard for nuclear disarmament, peace in middle east let us not forget the day he took the oath of office in Washington,  the Israeli army withdrew its machine of destruction, army and tanks from Gaza and maintained seize fire. Israel withdrew for Gaza  only  fearing  change in gaurds in  White House,  Bush was exiting and Obama was taking control.  

There are many promises made by Obama administration many  yet to be realised or even initiated. In Middles East the initiative of Obama on Two nation theory is getting cold shoulder from Israel.  Israel is not in a mood to discuss,  to add salt to the wonds,  it continues with the unauthorised settlements in occupied  Palestine. 

Recent killings of  team which was taking humanitarian aid to Gaza is a blocking act of Israel in peace.  Some time it blames Iran some times the Palestinians some time the Turks. 

Israel’s  irresponsible effort to list India among the nations irresponsible  is shameful, it  needs to be addressed, and raised with the US to snub Israel.

Israel is acting fishy because India has jointly asked to Nuclear disarmament of Israel too, in Riyadh Declaration by India and Saudi Arabia and India is also supporting the dual nation theory of Obama for Palestine and Israel. Saudis supported it too with India. 

I feel the pressure for peace is on Israel in Middle East, it is not comfortable with Obama in White House. 

Obama’s take on India as a role model for Americans

Obama raised the confidence of young Indians by acknowledging more than once, that India is a strengthen and progressive Nation.  

 Obama also praised, The style of functioning  of Indian Nation and appreciated its economic  growth, and  human recourse development.  And praised the values Indian stood for, as responsible Major power in Asia, its emergency to play a lead role in the 21st  Century. 

The Bush’s, the Clinton’s visited India. Clinton had a dream visit.  Bush was seen with great skepticism when he was in India, in the mildest of War in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Nuclear Deal in making, and the 9/11 and Terror mechanisms getting stronger. 

One wonders what really has changed since the change of guards in America the Biggest Democracy and the most powerful in terms of Military, Political and Diplomatic muscles present.

The Change is the President him self and the type of leadership he has given to US.

An inclusive national and international planned endeavor to bring the change the world was waiting for, all these decade to make a better and peaceful world, I can say he is trying sincerely, no one can deny on this and the noble Peace is confirms this thought. 

Obama may push his favorite, subjects. Demolishing of Terror Mechanisms in neighbouring Afghanistan and Pakistan, Economic and Strategic Bilateral Relations, Environment, Peace in Middle East, Kashmir will be in the pripehires  of his talk too. 

Pakistan is a historically ally and pal of  America , whoever is in command in Washington, Democrats or Republicans, they have no choice but to keep Pakistan in their kitty, fully on their side. 

The strategic obligation is Pakistan for US in the Region, on  one side Afghanistan and its growing influence in the working and affairs of Pakistan which is has made Pakistani Government, just a spectator in many bordering regions like swat, and Baluchistan to Afghan borders. 

On the other hand the powerful China which is silently building itself up as a major economic, military and diplomatic power on the region which is acknowledged by President Obama too. 

Obama mentions China, and India and Brazil, these are made as role models for the youth of America to take lessons from, and know the competition is with them and they have to compete  with then with skills and knowledge. 

This is the type of President I love and like to salute, who is not shy in  praising his competing  Nations and like to  advice his nation to learn from.  

India has a great reason to be proud too, it has a leader and Prime Minister un paralleled  in the world of Prosperity and growth. 

Dr. Manmohan Sing,  Leader  respected across continents and regarded and one of the best economist, thinker, stable progressive and peace-loving person,  India  today is proud of. 

Dr. Singh who has taken the relation with US, Arab world, Asia , and Sarc members to new heights

His government maintained restrains and allowed the democratic and peaceful means to resolve the sensitive issues of cross border terrorism with Pakistan, It kept the doors of dialogue open with Pakistan  even in the worst attacks by terror groups based in Pakistan on India’s pride, unity and security on  26/11 2009 Mumbai.    

With Hillary Clinton in command of external affairs, hopefully she will be with him on his visit too. I look forward to this visit and welcome Obama to the land of Traditions and Rich culture and ancient history and the largest living democracy of the world so diverse with almost all religions under its fold, having a billion population to support its resolve to excel and lead the world. 

This visit of Brack Obama will be more than fruitful both economically, politically, partnering exchange of technology and partnership between the nations for better and brighter future as the two on top. 

Both the nations are clear at heart and clean at mind. God Bless India and God Bless America and their people.

  1. aj khursheed
    June 5, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Adil saheb, On Manmohan Singh… I agree with you , Taken new Heights on Relation with U.S,Arab World,Asia and Sarc.in handling,maintaining , encouraging and keeping the door open for dialogue with Pakistan with all his sincerity & good intention .Mr. Singh has succeeded or progressed on many vital issues concerning the above countries and the region…

    On the other hand Obama has also done a great deal of work on many Important issues of the World, but going back to his inaugural historical speech Obama has yet to prove his conviction on many of his promises and his stand on the world stage… Recent incidents are few example…also his handling of U.S economy, jobless situation it is getting nastier every day ,speeches means nothing to the American people.

    Americans respect words which follow deeds ,don’t get me wrong I like the man I voted for him and will vote & support him on his next term too,but at the same time I want to see Obama as a Strong man keeping his promises than worry about any political consequences .

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