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” Minorities of India Denied Fair Chance to grow in Independent India ?”

Independence, with the British casted us division of Indian Nation. We though unwillingly for many willingly for some, we  divided United India in to  two, Pakistan and India.  May be the British succeeded in dividing us or some in us who did not like to share power with  the rest. There there must have been millions of  hearts burnt and feeling smashed.  The dream of united Indian Power which they saw together and  fought for Independence with the British  was broken.   Independence at cost of blood or lakhs of Hindus and Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians, was allowed to be at shame by  in its division so quick  again on the ugly sketches of partition.

Poverty, has become the order of the land, to keep the social divide alive to make the political divide possible, is it ture or false ?

Then we took our first step  in independent India which actually divided Indians internal and legitimized the evils done by the upper castes thinking they will be purified and forgiven for the past acts of the upper cates in Hindus. By the Dalits. Nothing like that has happened even today a Dalit feels the same as he was felling decades in the past about the Hindu upper caste. Very sad the objective is not fully achieved.

Our forebears consulted among themselves and agreed to keep divided the Majority Hindu community in the Name of caste, sects, sub sects and shudras, forward and back ward, tribal and so on and so forth. There was a sense of loss in the millions who were suffering from hundreds of year in the hands of the upper caste Hindus.

Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, and Dr. Ambedker thought it was very important to protect the interest of the sections of the society who were suffering at the hands of  the upper caste with shameful discrimination at every level of public and social life, for ages.

The word “Dalit” comes from the Marathi language, and means “ground”, “suppressed”, “crushed”, or “broken to pieces” oppression faced by the erstwhile “untouchable” castes of the twice-born Hindus. The term expresses their “weakness, poverty and humiliation at the hands of the upper castes in the Indian society.”

Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi coined the word Harijan, translated roughly as “Children of God”, to identify the former Untouchables. The terms “Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes” (SC/ST) are the official terms used in Indian government documents to identify former “untouchables” and tribes. However, in 2008 the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, noticing that “Dalit” was used interchangeably with the official term “scheduled castes”, called the term “unconstitutional”.

The problems were of such scale the Dalits  were not allowed to use the same well for water, they lived out of the village in isolation in Harijan Bastis which did not come in way of the upper castes and the route for these Dalits. If a Dalit   is traveling on cycle he should get down and walk when passing the lanes of the upper caste Hindus.

Their children were not allowed to enter the Temples of God and Goddess of Hindus.  The bigger concern,  is not much has changed even now, and the fact is even in the present day India in villages this traditional discrimination is  prevalent. We hear stories of such incidents, of discrimination even today.

For hundreds of years the lower castes in Hindus were suppressed in manner which is insulting to the Mankind and the very existence of Human beings, the Backwards didn’t have the right to even look up to an upper caste Hindu with his chin up. That would be a sin. We are a progressive nation and have walked a talk walk on the platforms of economic growth and development, but we have still seized to take steps  forward in our minds to embrace all Indians as just Indians as equals. My question is    Why ? .    We say we are progressive, and forward-looking nation and biggest living democracy.  Please tell this to the pained hearts of those who suffered the hundreds of years of discrimination and abuse.

The committee which formulated the reservation policy to up lift the Dalits and Minorities.  It had Minorities  initially as  part of the document with the Dalits SC and ST, for reservations based on various economic and social disadvantages that were prevalent in those times, but in last-minute change, ( why and how this needs separate article to debate ) they skipped the minorities from the list of backward, both socially and economically. Reasons known to them best,  the politics behind it or what good and what bad intention behind it ?

In the midest of all this the Muslims and the other Minorities were kept silent with few good slogans, Like Hindus Muslim Bhai Bahi,  Hindustan Hamra hai, Hum Sab Hindustani,   Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Hamra.  The divided Minorities with no leadership and no real representation of their own, politically,  was dozed with false pride for decades.

The result is in front of for us to see,  among  Minorities Muslims  are the most backward and most suffering class of Indian society with none or very little representation in services, government jobs and in public services and even in private organization due to lack of support from the various governments since independence.

The tragedy is Minorities have slipped further low due to isolation based by skipping them from being eligible to be part the reservation policy.  The question is the reservation should have been on economic and social grounds Muslims were left out because they said in Muslims there are no cates and sects. they forgot the economic backwardness of Minorites.

This is sketched in the reports of Sachar Commission and Ranganth Misra Committee. The state of Muslim in India today is much worse than it was at the time of Independence.

In the final draft on reservation policy the team which formulated the reservation policy was made to understand that in Islam all Muslims are equal and their cannot be discrimination between Muslims it is against the Islamic faith.  Yes it is true in the eyes of Allah we all are equal and only those who are most pious among us is better than the others.  This is spiritual line and thought of Quran and the teachings of Messenger of God Mohammed may peace and blessings of Allah be one him.

But in the politics of reservations. Last minute they removed Minorities from the categories of backward both economically and socially, . Among the Minorities they considered that Islam does not allow divisions among Muslims and conveniently the Indian nation was not just to the cause of Minorities  for 62 years.  The New Masters the Political big wigs who replaced the British,  kept  Muslims and other Minorities united, united and  but agreed  to divide Hindus in the name of castes.

Indian leaders and policy makers equated a starving Minority Indian to a rich, effluent Minority Indian, what a shame. They thought a ” straving Minority Indian who was as backward and as socially and as ” Pchda hua ”  ” Pareshan Haal aur Sataya hua”  as  left out as his Dalit Brothers and Sisters was considered not eligible for support of the Government to bring him in the main stream of the New Indian Nation.

Now when we know through Rangahnth Misra and Sachar committee that the Muslims are most backward in Indian society if they are not supported it will be too late. Muslims, Christians and Sikhs representation in Government departments is in a pathetic stat.

Now we hear voices in Political Circles of scraping reservations altogether.


It is because the upper caste are feeling the pinch that you are sidelined by the backward Hindus, like the SCs and STs the Minorities will come and make the life’s of the forward class Hindus difficult.

The Idea of this discussion to stress of immediate implementation of the Recommendations of both Ranganth Misra Commission and Sachar Committee.

The history of our Nation has deceived the Minorities, enough is enough, it is time to compensate for the losses and focus on speedy growth of the Minorities of India. Failure to do so will not keep the Nation on the path of uniform growth as a unit. There will tens of Millions un satisfied Indian to will have difficulty walking,  keeping the pace of rest of their Indian brothers and Sisters

I am not against the reservation, I am for justice and similar opportunity to the Minorities too, as the government appointed commission have heralded their apathy.  If it scrapped now it  will be un just on Minorities.

The Minorities should get greater support and find ways to compensate the loss they suffered for the last six decades and further now they should be on par with the others with or with our reservations. I feel every Indian be it a Brahmin, SC ST, Backward, Forward, OC, or Minorities have to be given fair and equal opportunity and advantage, none should feel he is deprived.

As I conclude my inner  self questions me, Adil was this the act of  the Upper Caste Hindus, or they The Upper Caste  were used as ATM machines by the politicians to fund them to keep them in Business,  or was it one important tool for the political parties to keep the votes of the backward both socially and economically for them selves by giving reservations to the Hindu SC STs and Backwards on one hand and keeping the Minorities always at their Merci with a promise in every election that they will be taken care and provided equal respect and opportunity.  Poor Us Indians, When will we understand the minds of the political Parties of our Great Nation divided even at its maturity after six decades.

I end with my head down in shame, with no courage to face  my country men and women. Who know we as a nation is taken on ride for decades. It is time we realise and try to be responsible towards those who are suffering and carving to live lifes of self respect and dignity with properity and equals in minds, eyes, and sahring the reaps of the nation on its path of attaining golobal importance.  Let learn to live as Equals.

  1. Renuka sharma
    June 7, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Dear sir.whatever u wrote it’s display your serious n holi thought behind our nation. Minority,and Reservation,both issue like a labour pain of Bharat mata,bt child never delivered. My heart is fluttering n my tongue nearly dried up,u know why coz India is still standing there where before freedom.n main cause our political thought , not system,because we never had syestam and thought is very personal, and thought alway trying religion is not an outgrowth of fear. I m feeling shame caz i think we never come out of this. Religion is joyous,religion is in the human heart. N political thought bassed on divide heart n rule.

  2. Renuka Sharma
    June 7, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Dear sir..
    Whatever you wrote in this article it’s display your serious and holy thought behind our Nation Bharat. Minority and Reservation both issue like a labor pain of Bharat Mata but never deliver a child. My heart is fluttering and my tongue is nearly dried up, u know why because still our Nation standing there, where before freedom means 62year ago. But that time people have at least one Aim freedom, now we don’t have. And i think in future coming 50years our “Bharat Mata” regularly suffering same pain. Because our political thoughts, not system we never had system, and thoughts always personal.Minorities Reservation any issue which is connected with religion we never come out of this, religion is not an outgrowth of fear so. Religion is joyous. No man has to right make himself miserable.It is an expression of the spirit. According to political thoughts Religion is a big cash mudda. Religion is not in book, not in forms, not in sect not in nation religion is in human heart. And political thought always follow break heart, divide and rule. Politician can not fight for human, they fight for mudda, issue for cast for, for mandir maszid, they fight for place they fight for partition, they never fight for a peaceful organize system they never fought about universal or nation human pain,Shameful Indian politics and indian politician aim and very shameful Indian upper cast sadness about politics movement those before responsible for humanity Unity they all sitting in dark cave with their personal liberty. or few they wont have power to live also. very sad.

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