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Extradicate Anderson, expose his political conncetions, provide Just Relief to Victims Immeidately.

The Writing on the wall translates the anger and amount of pain the victims Bhopal Gas suffered and are continuing to suffer since 1984. Justice is denied and delayed.

What is the  difference between Moulana Masood safe passage to Khandar and Anderson’s escort from Bhopal Airport to safety. 

MoulanaMasood became the most dreaded mind behind the Terror net works in Pakistan, in the case of Anderson his hands were soiled with killings and agonies of  innocent half a million  of victims to his negligence in Union Carbide Gas Leak in Bhopal, the Victims in lakhs lost life and laksh  are still  suffering and will continue to suffer for decades.  Both have escaped, and both have abused and put to shame mankind, yet both are escaping the clutchs of law for our land.

The Justice is not given or any relief to the Victims of Union Carbide, for 25 long years, lakhs died, lakhs are still suffering.

Twenty-five years after the Bhopal gas tragedy killed over 20,000 people; a local court in Bhopal convicted former Union Carbide of India Limited (UCIL) chairman Keshub Mahindra and seven others in the case, awarding each of them two years in prison.

On the night between December 2-3, 1984, the plant released methyl isocyanine (MIC) gas and other toxins, resulting in the exposure of over 500,000 people.However, 89-year-old Warren Anderson, then chairman of Union Carbide, who is presently in the US and did not subject himself to trial, appeared to have gone scot-free. There was no word about him in the judgment delivered by Chief Judicial Magistrate Mohan P Tiwari, 23 years after the trial began.

Civil rights activists fighting on behalf of the families of the victims called the judgment “too little, too late”, and accused the prosecution and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of failing the victims by diluting the charges.

During the trial, 178 prosecution witnesses were examined and 3,008 documents exhibited. The CBI blamed the tragedy on the factory’s defective design and poor maintenance. Criminal charges were pressed against a total of eight accused, all officials of the company.

They include Keshub Mahendra and Vijay Gokhle, then chairman and managing director, and were charged on several counts, including causing death by negligence, but not any charge that carried the death penalty.

Although no official count of casualties was ever recorded, estimates and rehabilitation records show that around 20,000 people died and about 0.57 million suffered permanent health damages.

Commenting on the judgment, Indian Law Minister M Veerappa Moily said there was a need for fast-tracking such cases and ensuring proper investigation.

“This was one such case where justice was delayed and practically denied. I would like to say justice is buried,” he told reporters.

The words of Law Minister are strong, but has he done enough to give Justice to the Victims, I will appreciate and weigh his words in gold if he orders opening of the case of Union Carbide Gas Victims and Punishes the Accused and appeal to the govt to provide immediate relief and support the victims by the UPA Govt. let Pranab Mukerjee announce a package like they announced for the waving of several loans in the past, for keeping the votes intact. Why can the Bhopal victims be treated with sympathy and right care and concern.

In the mildest of all this hue and cry on the Justice being denied and the accused given too soft a punishment and on appeal bails being rewarded immediately on the same day.

The focus quickly shifts to the links of Anderson and the Union Carbide Owners who were provided safe passage by a Govt Aircraft from Bhopal to fly away for the Clutches of Justice, and the Law of the Land in 1984, The Ruling Congress is divided, some blame the then Chief Minister of Madhya Pardesh Anjun Singh for this slipping of Anderson under Govt. Cover, And some raise questions on the Centre Govt headed by the Congress leaders in 1984 in New Delhi.

This has opened rally of allegations and counter allegations and suddenly put the UPA govt on back foot, with leaders close to Sonia Gandhi and Rahall Gandhi and the Prime Minister Like Digvijay Singh raising questions and accusing the govt at the state at that time. And some saying as the matter is too sensitive every question has to be answered, the figures are indirectly pointing to the Leader of Congress and Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi too.

The issue instead of giving relief to the victims who are suffering from the pains of the Tragedy which occurred 23 years ago the Political Parties are bickering and diverting the attention for the main issue of providing justice to the victims and addressing their packages of financial and other reliefs is concentrating on the Anderson’s Exit.

Anderson has to be brought back to Indian and eradicated from America and the case has to be re opened,

The Govt should come to the help of the victims and provide them the relief and support they demand and what could be legitimate means of providing fair justice immediately.

The criminal aspect of the case has to be opened again and appealed, adding the angle of who helped the exit of Anderson and book all those who collided with Anderson in securing save exit from Bhopal.  Two lakh victims to be given relief by the UPA govt with no questions asked immediately.

If justice is not given in time and in right measure, we will be doing  a great disservice to the nation, as such incidents and similar or others where justice was delayed or denied, the victims tend to get influenced by  ideologies of  radical elements, like the terror out fits and radical elements like the naxals, who  convince the victims to give them justice as the political and judicial and administrative system is plagued with indifference towards the suffering and the poor in the society.

  1. June 14, 2010 at 9:13 am

    he fallout of the Bhopal verdict is now set to hit the White House as the victims of the gas leak tragedy have written to US President Barack Obama asking him to extradite former Union Carbide Corp CEO Warren Anderson to India to face justice.
    Anderson, who now lives in New York, is one of the main accused in the Bhopal gas tragedy case. He was flown out of India by the then Madhya Pradesh government on December 7, 1984, just four days after the gas leak at the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal which is estimated to have killed 20,000 people and injured half-a-million.

  2. June 14, 2010 at 9:14 am

    “We have also written a letter to US President Barack Obama appealing him to help us with this case,” says Abdul Jabbar, Convenor, Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Udyog Sanghathan (Bhopal Gas Victims Women Forum).
    He adds that Obama’s statement that the Bhopal gas tragedy was India’s “internal matter” was wrong.
    The gas leak case sparked outrage among the victims after a local court in Bhopal sentenced seven former Union Carbide officials to two years imprisonment and fined them Rs 1 lakh each for negligence. All the convicts are now out on bail.
    Meanwhile, the Congress, having admitted to letting Anderson go, continues to defend late former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Arjun Singh, saying that the decision was taken by the then governments to maintain law and order.
    On Saturday, Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily even tried to put the blame on the judiciary for failing to provide justice to the victims.
    However, despite admission, there still remain some unanswered questions which the party would have to answer.
    Questions are now being raised as to why Anderson was allowed to leave the country even if moving him out of Bhopal is accepted on the ground that it could have created law and order problem.
    Could he have been allowed to leave the country without the permission of the Centre and the Ministry of External Affairs, both headed by the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi? Also, once arrested under section 304, how could Anderson get bail so easily?
    Lastly, the Congress party would also have to explain what took it almost 26 years to accept the involvement of its government in freeing Anderson.
    Meanwhile, the BJP has lashed out at the Congress over the entire episode.
    Speaking at a BJP rally in Patna on Sunday, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi went a step further and asked Congress President Sonia Gandhi to speak on the issue.
    With the Opposition getting fresh ammunition to take on the Congress, and the victims taking their case to the US President, the issue is unlikely to die out soon.

  1. June 22, 2010 at 2:31 am

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