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Why, Politicians act only under fear of backlash ? Darkness in Bhopal Victim’s life, is far from over.

The darkness of lifes of Bhopal Victims is far from over. Lakhs lived with hope, lakhs surrendered to fate. And we allowed the guilty cool their heals in save heaven.


.This decision to provide relief, of 10 lakhs per family of the victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, I appreciate, and welcome.

But, why our people in power act only when they are under threat of getting damaged politically and they see the issue has gone beyond expectations and we have to do a face-saving exercise to keep ourselves in to business and save each vote that matters.

Why did all the political parties, Congress then and now, and the earlier BJP and now, NF alliance which ruled for a term, and UPA failed for twenty-five years, to provide relief, and understand the complexity of the legal cases, the escape of Anderson, and the pains of the victims in lakhs in the worst industrial disaster which Nation had ever seen.

According to the account of victims, something is better than nothing.  They also think,  it has come too very late.

If such GoM panel was serious right at the time of the accident many tears would be saved and many lives would be saved and many families would have comeback on tracks of normal life.  And this compensation package, does not cover those who will be surfacing in coming times with such disorders, and gas related damages.

This is one side of the problem, which is partially solved. The other three issues are.  Anderson extradition, Govt is trying to reopen with fresh charges, and cases, negating the whole process exercised for 25 years in courts of law.  Cleaning of the remains of toxins and wastes in UC/Dow premises and vicinity. lastly, the political responsibility of allowing Anderson to escape law for so long and yet not in reach of law.

Will we require another twenty-five years to solve the problems remaining and address justly the grievances of the victims, and bringing to justice the accused and the guilty heading the list of guilty and accused allowed to cool his heals in save heaven in US Anderson the owner of UC.

And who is going to nail the nexus which was instrumental in the safe exit of Anderson, in 1984.

The Job is half done much remains to be done. The tears and the pains of   Bhopal Gas Victims  five lakhs  and more of them, is  increasing as the time passes, and it is far from over.

We need as the Govt proposes a law to deal with such industrial failures and negligence on the part of the industries sector. To make the life’s of the people working and living save.

And keeping the industries far away from any habitations and parts of urban or rural living. Like I said the political Feter-nity acted only to save their necks they did not act saving the necks of the suffering and the victims when it was really required.

Shame on us, as a nation and a people who failed to think and act in time, we voted to power govts after govts and celebrations after celebrations, we did not find time to stop and think for them in Bhopal I am sure and my fear is confirmed, there will be many such stories in the rugs of time that received the treatment the Victims of Bhopal received.

Read my earlier article which addressed and demanded relief from the government. http://adilmohd.in/2010/06/11/extradicate-anderson-expose-his-political-conncetions-provide-just-relief-to-victims-immeidately/

Extradicate Anderson, expose his political connections, provide Just Relief to Victims immediately.

I am partial satisfied and I thank the Congress UPA for the initiative but this is only a drop in the ocean. Much needs to done.

  1. A.K.Mansoor
    June 27, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    Hi every body, Assalamalaika ya manittiba-al-huda,

    I am back on the blog after a long absence. Hope Mr. Adil will call me on phone.
    It is an irony that our country has a wide variety of material and human resources to make us the world power but the lawmakers we send to the assemblies and parliament are not upto the mark. Time and again they have taken wrong decisions. They must act to the conscience and take quick, bold and right decisions.

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