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Do not be-little the good work of decades Dr. Zakir. (Part 2 of Zakir Naik How Correct How Wrong)

Star Preacher and a Friend of Millions of People across religions and antions under fire from Britian on remarks irresponsible, yes/noA Master preacher with authority on all religions.

Zakir Naik a  has achieved great heights to spread the word of Allah in most responsible and appealing manner to the Muslims and to the Non Muslims, he is blessed with great skills and power of memory and mastering the scriptures of  Christians,  Hindus, Jews, and even ideologies of Communism and Capitalism.

He is loved, heard, respected and loved by people across religions and nations. A very good example of well managed skilled organized presentation and publication of print and audio and video and television media in a very successful manner reaching out to the people of the World.

There is great need for bridge between the religions of the world and a platform to make the world understand the Message of Quran and Teachings  of Mohammed sas.

Zakir Naik you have the courage and the knowledge to play a bigger role in building the Muslims Umma and acting as a positive bridge between the Religions and Nations, do not let this position   get damaged by diluting your good efforts by indicating and taking unilateral stands of issue so volatile as Terrorism, which is debate able, and the Muslim nations names not needed you know best have taken a pass on, they too understand the sensitivity of the issue and are very diplomatic in the matter.

Let us be diplomatic and focus on the works of giving world the true teaching of Mohammed sas and influence the minds and hearts of the world people with our goodness and just functioning and principled united Umma.

Do not belittle the good work of decades Dr. Zakir

Zakir Naik should not be little his image and service to Islam and its people by getting involved in controversial subjects and issues, and not very responsible talk in tough times like this, when the Muslim World is having various problems within its population, suffering from crisis on leadership, crisis of unity, crises of many sects and sub sects on issues so little so un important.

There is a great need for people like Zakir Naik to focus and devote time and energy to uplift the moral and spiritual levels of Muslims and should guide them with wisdom and make them economically and socially strong and informed of the challenges of the society and the environment plagued with conspiracies and disunity.

Do not become prey in to the hands conspirators. There are conspirators let them not laugh and take advantage of the oddness of the situation.

We should not become targets to the conspiracies we should counter them with wisdom and unity and courage in the frame of the laws that are prevalent and put our step always on the hard and save soil as we have a billion and a half to think about and make them assets to build Muslims Umma.

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