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Zakir Naik How correct How wrong ? In World that needs, “peace & unity of thoughts & actions.”


Dr Zakir Naik How Correct and How Wrong ?

Why should a person so literate and respected across globe find himself in a situation like he gets denied visa form any Nation? Zakir Naik is a scholar; a dynamic speaker, a debater, and a well know personality of the world of comparative studies on religion. He is a young highly successful leader of his team who has set up a dawah centre which has influence on the many young Muslims, and people across nations, in sections of society and religions.

The Message of Quran and Mohammed Prophet of God sas

The message of Quran and the Teachings of Prophet Mohammed may peace and blessings of Allah be on him has come for the humanity and the people of the world in all times and ages.

We as Muslims have certain very important responsibilities, towards the people of the world towards the people of the scriptures, and the people who are not Muslims by believe but are followers of their own belief and practices.

The Book of God Quran Al Hakeem is vocal about this issue of how to deal with fellow human being who is not a Muslim and who is not is does not follow your book and your prophet and your Allah. How should be deal and behave with them.

In Surah 109 Allah says in verse 6. “To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islamic Monotheism).” Al the Prophet of Allah Mohammed may peace and blessings of Allah be on him, advised the Muslims not to criticizes or say bad to the people of other faiths and to their Gods, and to whom them follow, if you do it is very much possible they may say bad to your God and your belief.

A Master preacher with authority on all religions.

Zakir Naik a  has achieved great heights to spread the word of Allah in most responsible and appealing manner to the Muslims and to the Non Muslims, he is blessed with great skills and power of memory and mastering the scriptures of  Christians,  Hindus, Jews, and even ideologies of Communism and Capitalism.

He is loved, heard, respected and loved by people across religions and nations. A very good example of well managed skilled organized presentation and publication of print and audio and video and television media in a very successful manner reaching out to the people of the World.

There is great need for bridge between the religions of the world and a platform to make the world understand the Message of Quran and Teachings  of Mohammed sas.

Zakir Naik you have the courage and the knowledge to play a bigger role in building the Muslims Umma and acting as a positive bridge between the Religions and Nations, do not let this position   get damaged by diluting your good efforts by indicating and taking unilateral stands of issue so volatile as Terrorism, which is debate able, and the Muslim nations names not needed you know best have taken a pass on, they too understand the sensitivity of the issue and are very diplomatic in the matter.

Let us be diplomatic and focus on the works of giving world the true teaching of Mohammed sas and influence the minds and hearts of the world people with our goodness and just functioning and principled united Umma.

Do not belittle the good work of decades Dr. Zakir

Zakir Naik should not be little his image and service to Islam and its people by getting involved in controversial subjects and issues, and not very responsible talk in tough times like this, when the Muslim World is having various problems within its population, suffering from crisis on leadership, crisis of unity, crises of many sects and sub sects on issues so little so un important.

There is a great need for people like Zakir Naik to focus and devote time and energy to uplift the moral and spiritual levels of Muslims and should guide them with wisdom and make them economically and socially strong and informed of the challenges of the society and the environment plagued with conspiracies and disunity.

Do not become prey in to the hands conspirators. There are conspirators let them not laugh and take advantage of the oddness of the situation.

We should not become targets to the conspiracies we should counter them with wisdom and unity and courage in the frame of the laws that are prevalent and put our step always on the hard and save soil as we have a billion and a half to think about and make them assets to build Muslims Umma.

Offensive as posted against Zakir Naik

If we recall, on one of the channels of Indian English Electronic Media, Zakir Naik was heard saying the biggest terrorist today is George Bush; G W Bush was in office of power in America. when Zakir  spoke live on Tv.

Zakir Naik was also heard saying  in a Barkha Dutt Show recently on the issue of  Liberal or Fundamental   Muslims, the show  was actually aired to promote My Name is Khan movie  by another so called very liberal Muslim SRK.

Dr Naik in an answer to a question replied,   he neither agrees to accept Osama as terrorist nor was he in favor of absolving him of the allegation as there is no proof, of his involment in 9/11 this is what he thought.

Yet he was not  convinced Osama was involved in 9/11 Terror attack and he was even going to the extent of saying the conspiracy theories about the 9/11 and the videos and media material to support his point of view, which is available on the net and on you tube with hundreds of American’s giving many theories to proof otherwise which goes against the official stand taken by the USA Pentagon and US Govt.

It is also to be noted few months back, Mr. Naik was part of a resent in Shia Sect in Muslims for referring to one the Islamic leader and Commander of Army with respect calling him Razi Allah taala Anhu.

And  in Sunni Muslims too the Sufi inclined were annoyed with the way Mr. Naik simplified the postioning in one other Issue with related to sufi saints imporatnce and palce in Isalm too. All the observations above,  triggered negative talk and critisism against Dr. Zakir Naik. He was aware of this development too.

All this in humble opinion did not help the cause of  working with greater wisdom.  In my opinion could have been avoided, and should have been avoided by Zakir Naik, in the larger interest of the community.

British Govt allegations on  Zakir Naik and  rejection of Visa

“The Secretary of State has decided to exclude you from the UK for engaging in unacceptable behavior by making statements that attempt to justify terrorists and fostering hatred. There is no right to appeal against this decision”

Conservative Home Secretary (interior minister) Theresa May said she had barred Zakir Naik, a 44-year-old television preacher based in Mumbai, for inflammatory remarks he was known to have made in the past. “Numerous comments made by Dr Naik are evidence to me of his unacceptable behavior,” May said in a statement, without elaborating.

Quote 2006 website footage had shown Naik telling Muslims it was acceptable to embrace terrorism in certain instances. And a report in media which said,  Naik said Muslims should beware of people saying Osama bin Laden was right or wrong, adding: “If you ask my view, if given the truth, if he is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him.

“If he is terrorizing the terrorists, if he is terrorizing America the terrorist, the biggest terrorist, every Muslim should be a terrorist.”

A Home Office spokesman said the powers were used if an individual expressed views that “foment, justify or glorify terrorist violence in furtherance of particular beliefs” or “seek to provoke others to terrorist acts”.

Naiks comments of Western Societies.  And Women.

He is also reported by the paper to have suggested Western women make themselves “more susceptible to rape” by wearing revealing clothing.

“Western society has actually degraded (women) to the status of concubines, mistresses and social butterflies, who are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketers,” the paper quoted him as saying.

Legal View of Naiks Lawyer.

However, Nail’s lawyer contends that the statements referred to by the home secretary have been quoted out of context and they were made prior to 2008 after which he was granted a visa.

Why then was his VISA suddenly revoked in 2010?

Majeed Memon, Naik’s Lawyer said, “In 2008, he was granted visa, granting or denial of visa is a sovereign state’s discretion, but revoking it without any proper reason. That is not.

Freedom of Speech and the Double Standards,  and our helpless world,  a silent spectator.  Why?

Zakir Naik has few verbal references and context and few words and impression in his statements and parts of video speeches in TV channels which aired his inner pain and agony when he see helpless innocent people being killed in the name of a search of the conspirators of terror in 9/11 by Al Qaeda heads Osama Bin Laden and his men, in the mysteriously tough and unfriendly terrain of Afghanistan for over a decade now.

Seeing and hearing about the killings of thousands of innocent people in the fight of terror across nations, Middle East, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Gaza,  Isreal,  Afghanistan, Yemen, and the blood bath and loss of life and loved ones has come in the share of innocent people civilians, women, children, and old for no fault of theirs.

Terrorism  in all forms is highly condemn able, and Killing of innocent in all forms is condemalbe toop,  we cannot justify any act which terrorizes or kills or hurts a  single sole on the surface of the earth irrespective of color, religion and region he belongs.

But people like Salman Rashdi,  and  Tasneema Nasreen are protected who are a curse on the society for being so abusive and disrespectful and who have hurt the sentiments of the Muslims are free to move and go about in length n breadth of earth with no restriction.

And a person like Zakir Naik on whom there is no allegation of any abuse, or disrespect but for hypothetical and exercising of liberty to express his views under the preview of freedom of expression is embarrassed and targeted by a nation which is home of Satanic Salman Rashdi. Britian.

I am sure Dr. Naik  is law abiding and respectful of the laws and I expect him to not to stretch to levels of voluntarily or involuntarily speak or utter words or sentences which hurt any nation, laws, or violates any principles and international norms of conduct.

Screaming Silence of Innocent Dead in War on Terror calling for justice in the heavens.

The gauge to assess the atrocities of nations and people in power by the civilized world needs to also open up and speak for the right of the innocent people and them who lost everything in war on terror. How will  we differentiate the losses of the 9/11 innocent with the decade long laksh killed with no fault of theirs to the bullets and sophisticated weaponry of the forces which fight the war on terror. Who is going to decide on this crime?

We have a President in America who pleaged  to reach to the sorrow of the weeping soul in far off places on earth and American will stand for justice and security and reach to help them,  Is not the world waiting to see the Justice, form America to come, for the innocent killed.

World badly needs, peace and unity of  thoughts and actions to help one another.

The World needs peace and Zakir Naik Stood for Peace, Obama is the angle of Peace I have written several articles to prove to the world in world which finds this angel Obama too an Odd fit in the American Nation, there are lobbies working against all good people, and all who like to make this world better, yet there are people who appreciate and honor and they did crown  Obama with Nobel Peace too.

Not speeches of hate and disunity it is unity and peace and love for all that matter

Zakir has to take things easy and be focused on the inter faith dialogue and make the world see and appreciate the message of peace Islam has to give and the teachings of  Mohammed sas which works for peace and happiness of all human race.
The Goal should to be aligning good people in the British, Americans, Indiana, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and Jews and the Buddhist  and all people of the world of all colors and faiths to come to common terms and make this world a better place to live.

Not speeches of  hate and disunity,  it is unity and peace and love for all,  that matter.  Hope we understand this golden thought.

  1. June 30, 2010 at 10:46 am

    I do not know anything about Dr. Zakir Nayak or Islam until the ban announced. This ban has made people like me to know what is Islam. Instead of doing any set back for Dr. Zakir, I think it is promoting the true religion for those who never have any access to find out the true religion. I think this ban, will turn the table one day.
    Thank you UK and Thank you Canada

  2. Nuha
    July 1, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Adil Sahab I appreciate your concern and I have always admired your bolg posts,with due respect to you Its not only shias who resent Zakir Naik but majority of sunni muslims are against him because he keeps abusing the sufi saints often in Mumbai.When he was banned from England a Sunni Muslim Organisation was over joyed with the UK govt and even advised India to ban his channel and his speeches.

    In Mumbai Raza Academy which is like a authority on majority of sunni muslims has openly praised the the UK govt and even there was a joy of triumph all over the place,they have requested Indian Govt to ban Peace TV too,Sadia Dehlavi has gone public about him and she says his property should be confiscated and there should be a through probe into his assets.

    Its his own publicity that he is the best loved sunni muslim debator of the world while the reality is something else.Gathering one to two lakh people doesn’t make someone popular while India has more than 130 million muslims.

    Recently one of his associate and a so called scholar Rababbani was arrested and put in jail in Mumbai because of his hatred propaganda which he was carrying out on public platforms,He was arrested at the behest of Ahlus Sunna Wal Jamah groups who resented his abuses for sufi saints and Hanfi muslims in general.

    He says only shias are against him while shias have been quite silent about him and its the sunnis who exposed that he actually is propagating Qadiyani books and debates in the name of Islam .He has copied all his debates from the books of Ahmed Mirza accorindg to sunni muslims here.

    • July 1, 2010 at 1:45 am

      Thanks very much, Nuha. My knowledge on the resentment in Sunni community is limited to few sections in the south. I was not aware of the issues and concerns you raised on him and his colleagues.

      I am of the school that, like to understand and work on the strengths of good works a person has done or is capable of doing. He Dr Zakir has done enormous job in bringing awareness among the non Muslims about the teachings of Islam. He is a master in comparative Religions he is an asset to the community if put to use for uniting and making inclusive strengthening of whole community with the faith other too.

      We as an Ummah are one people and we are a people who look at the whole mankind as a family and all coming from our Allah Subanawa taala, and our prophet of Mohammed sas, who was merci to the mankind.

      We too have to look for helping and doing deeds that will put greater light on our problems, and find solutions to them rather than refusing them. You are right in your critical observation, but how many in us have been able to influence the minds and hearts of the lakhs of people to at least hear the word of Allah and the teachings with open mind.

      I do not agree fully with the way he does the job but the fact is there is one who is doing something which may lead to some good. I am happy God gave me courage to write critically about him many whom I spoke are divided on Zakir Naik too. Both in Muslims and Non Muslims.

      I am very happy I have a Friend like you who is wise enough to give great input to put more light on issues with no bias purely in the interest of all with no resent.



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