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Court Rejects bail plea for Amit Shah. Justice Sytem and Enfocement agencies are applauded. NDA on back foot.

Victory Sign ? About ?

The Govt of Narender Modi, is in a isolation mode, and even the party at finding it highly uncomfortable to handle and face the fact that a Minister is in such a soup, and the type of allegations and positioning by the investigative and enforcement authorities of the NATION are to reach to surface and find the truth behind the fake encounter of late Sorabuddin and his late Wife, are commendable.

This is going to help the system and to build confidence among the common public that there justice and enforcement mechanism is active and will be rightfully harsh on the culprits and will not spare any individual or organization.

The rejection of the bail plea by the courts is a sign oust f how heinous is the crime committed by this Shah in the cattagory of Modi.

Modi is silent, and BJP is on a major defensive, the parliament session is round the corner, and the BJP and the left was sharpening their swords to corner UPA govt on the issues of prize rise, and petroleum products, and the various other issues, together with the allies of NDA.

Is this not a master move to budge the Opposition which was all hanky dore to put Govt in corner, has seen is self in a tight corner on this issue of Sorabudddin Fake encounter, where will the Opposition go from here,

I feel the heat for 2014 Elections fewer is getting dressed up, to systematically battle between the UPA and NDA.

The people of India want justice in all fronts. Weather it is prize rise, or Petroleum products, the Shorabuddin Case, or the Bellary Brothers, or the Indiscipline and abuse of the Assemblies and Parliaments by it elected members like it happened in Bihar.

Or the issues of, a coach on national women’s team, a principals alleged involvement in the sexual harassment case in Hyderabad, or any person or persons asking for justice or are accused for no fault of theirs, be it the swami, or saint, or a official or a politician, or a corporate and business tycoons. The justice will see them with an eye of equality and judge them in true light of the facts and take a view that will not hamper the natural justice and at same time punish the guilty.

Well done judiciary and the investigating authorities

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